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Conventional fireplaces can be problematic in today’s society due to the “no burn” fire days due to environmental restrictions by the EPA. Technology has progressed with sophisticated designs and electronics so that we can move away from real burning logs and gas that send pollutants into the environment. Electric fireplaces are the rage now for people in colder northern climates. People living in southern states love electric fireplaces on cool rainy days and enjoy the flame effect without the heat. These units are multi-faceted in that they can please everyone.

Dimplex, a quality leader in electric fireplace technology, provides its Dimplex RWF-DG Sahara Electric Wall-Mounted Stove that is over the top in electric fireplaces. The stunning lines, functionality, and beauty makes this a top-rated choice. The flames are produced by long-life LED lights for a striking dazzling dancing and flickering flame appearance. The front tempered glass can be removed if you want to move the fireplace to a different location. Use your fireplace in the summer with the heat off, and during cooler times, have the flame on.

Three Features Appreciated by Most People

1. 3D Screen with Dancing and Flickering Flames

The elegant beauty of the Dimplex is personified with its many functions. The soft and quiet silver finish complements any home or office décor. The large seven-inch-deep screen enhances the image when watching the patented 3D faux fire effects. The flames are so real looking that they almost imitate a log burning fire.

2. Efficient Heating with Consistency

This electric fireplace is ISO 9000 and UL Certified. The fan-forced heater operates at 1400-Watts to heat 400-square feet. It plugs into a grounded 3-prong standard 120-Volt outlet and then you just turn it on. It is 90% efficient producing no emissions into the environment. With the remote control you can select your heat settings and other fireplace functions.

Note: The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards is designed to help organizations meet customer needs ensuring regulatory and statutory requirements. UL listed indicates the Underwriters Laboratories have met the same requirements and that is stated on electrical cords and components tags.

3. Clean and Contemporary

With electric fireplaces you have no ashes to clean, first being sure they are not still hot, no chimneys or piping to sweep with the metal pronged long-handled cleaning device from up on the roof, and no logs to purchase by the cord at an enormous price. So, if your traditional wood burning fireplaces and stoves has seen its days, you will love the no mess nonsense of an electric fireplace. The electric fireplace can be universally mounted on a flat wall or in a corner. The assembly and installation is easy usually by one person. Even girls can do it! When up and running you will get the ohhs and ahhs from family and friends when they see the colorful faux flame effect and feel the gentle radiant warmth. These units are stunning everywhere harmonizing with any décor.

Why should you prefer it over conventional fireplace?

Dimplex BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

During winters, it is very necessary to maintain the temperature at your living place especially if you are living in the colder regions. Conventional houses used to have a fireplace with chimneys and stuff which used to cause dust inside the house. Moreover these fireplaces used to provide limited heat to the room and it was difficult to maintain the temperature according to your wish. But now the things have changed. With the advancement in technology we hope to derive new possibilities. And in this case the modern Dimplex BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear wall-mounted electric fireplace has triumphed all the way through. This contemporary product is a magnificent heating device which is dust free and maintains a clean environment at your place.

Dimplex BLF50 50-Inch Synergy Linear

Top 3 exclusive features of this product recommended by most people:

#1. Realistic display and flame effects

This device exhibit awesome features which would make you want it at your place. It contains a high quality LED display which gives the illusion of real flames burning inside and even better than those real ones. Moreover these flames sustain the ability to move and fluctuate according to a definite rhythm which makes it even better and real. They got 3D effect on the screen which is patented and surround your senses with its intense beauty and elegance. In addition to it, you can also employ these flames in summer season without giving out heat as it forms a magnificent look.

#2. Highly efficient

The heat emitted by this device is enough to maintain the temperature of your room. Moreover this device is very efficient which save your bills and the energy is not wasted. There are various ways by which you can alter the amount of heat emitted by the heater. The maximum power emitted by the heater is 1200 watts which is enough to heat up your high ceilings room. In addition to it, it is compatible to every place that you live making it a good choice.

#3. Portable and Easy to install

When we talk in terms of contemporary world, these types of devices are high tech irrespective to old fireplace. Previously, people used to design a special place at their house to make a fireplace there. Moreover burning it and maintaining the temperature used to cause a lot of trouble. But with the introduction of these types of devices, the old hassle of doing all these stuff is eliminated. You don’t have to worry about the ash and dust. This device helps to maintain a clean environment at your home which is preferred by many people these days. If you liked the conventional flames then this problem is also solved by the developers. They have designed this fireplace so that you find it a modern version of the old one in every kind. Moreover you don’t have to look around for a special place for putting this fireplace. It can be placed anywhere according to your wish. You can either employ a professional for installing this fireplace or you can do it yourself. The manual provided with it makes it easy for you to install it without any trouble.

What customers got to say about it?

Amazon Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5) 20 Customer Reviews

Customers have highly appreciated this product, I have seen 20 reviews till now and out this, 15 people have given it a five star. However there are some complaints regarding the heating efficiency of the device but they can occur due to some technical error in electrical supply.

Good to know: You must be very cautious while shifting it or during relocation because it’s outer glass is fragile and breaks very easily. Moreover, you should ensure that no electrical device is kept above or near it as it may cause hindrance in its working.

Once you install it, you will receive compliments from your guests for sure. Its 50 inches wide screen provides a wide view which adds up to the beauty of your room. Many customers are fully satisfied with Dimplex BLF50 and admire its uniqueness. So in my opinion there is nothing more that you can get in this regard. It is indeed a perfect combination or beauty and magnificence.