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a cozy room with Christmas decorations

Everyone loves a nice warm fireplace, especially around Christmas time. However, no one likes the inconvenience of actually maintaining a traditional fireplace. That’s where the Dimplex Optimyst comes in. This medium-sized device uses the latest ultrasonic technology to produce an incredibly lifelike wood-burning fireplace…except it’s not a real wood-burning fireplace. As you might have guessed from the name, this fireplace device uses a mist of water to produce an artificial flame and smoke effect. Red, orange and yellow lights illuminate the mist to simulate an authentic flame. If you’re at all interested in this product, read on. We’ll go over the pros and cons of the Dimplex Optimyst in this short review.

Dimplex Optimyst Functions and Controls

1. Dimensions

The official dimensions of the Dimplex Optimyst are 14.8 x 28 x 12 inches. It weighs 30 pounds and is available with an alabaster finish. Moreover, the material used to make this product is metal, and the official style is listed as contemporary.

2. Voltage & Remote Control

There are no batteries required when using this product. You will have to plug this fireplace to make it functional. The voltage of this product is 120 volts. Consumers simply use a convenient on/off remote to control this device.

3. Water Tank

There’s a water tank on the back of this product that can be easily filled up. A full tank can last for up to 14 hours. The mist produced from this tank is 3-dimensional so that it will look just like a flame and smoke to the untrained eye.

4. Plug-In Cassettes

There are inserts and plug-in cassettes in the back of this device. For those interested, you can look into the Optimyst Pro direct-wire models for a more seamless experience.

Pros and Cons of Dimplex Optimyst

a warm interior with a fireplace

Dimplex Optimyst Advantages

  • First off, this product is 100 percent safe to use. You won’t have to worry about any flames or real smoke messing up your home. There’s no need to pay for expensive chimney cleanings or worry about your house burning down. It’s also really fun to put your hand on these cool misty “flames” and shock guests at get-overs.
  • You can literally place one of these devices anywhere you feel you need one. The device’s design and portability allow you to place it wherever you feel it fits best with your décor. People have been known to place Dimplex Optimyst devices in foyers, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms.
  • For those into environmentalism, it is good to know that this product is a great green alternative. There are absolutely no chemicals, emissions, or particulates being released by this watery flame. This is particularly great news if you have kids in the house.
  • The logs on this device were designed to glow, which adds a nice touch to this piece. Most customers who enjoy this product recommend taking a look at it in a dimmed room for the best effect.

Dimplex Optimyst Disadvantages

  • Some people complain that this product doesn’t really look like a “roaring fire.” Even people who are pleased with the Dimplex Optimyst admit that it only looks like a dying flame at best. If you’re expecting a really big fire, you shouldn’t invest money into this product. However, if you’re just looking for a nice gentle dying ember to gaze at, this might be the product for you.
  • A few consumers have complained about the mist negatively affecting the metal firebox. The mist apparently causes this metal firebox to rust faster since the water tends to pool on the bottom of the tank. Not everyone has this problem, but it’s good to know before making a decision about this product.
  • The average price for a Dimplex Optimyst is around $800. That’s above the industry standard and, in the opinion of some customers, well above what it should be selling for.
  • You won’t be able to pick up any of the alabaster logs and put them over the misty flames.
  • The cords used in this product tend to stick out a bit. Moreover, you’ll really need to find a clever way to hide these cables if you want to get as close to an “authentic” experience as possible.
  • Although the device is supposed to be silent, there have been reports that you can hear a light gurgle from the water in the tank. Again, not everyone has this problem, but you should consider it before making a purchase.

Our Recommendation When Comes to Picking Dimplex Optimyst Model

Although it is a bit pricey, the Dimplex Optimyst is one of the best mist flames on the market. Also, when you consider what you’d be spending on maintaining a real wood-burning fireplace, the Dimplex Optimyst might actually be cheaper in the long run. The illusion of the dying ember is great, but the mist/smoke is what makes this product particularly charming. Moreover, every Dimplex Optimyst is extremely convenient; you’ll literally be able to control it with a handheld controller.

And, as mentioned above, this product is perfect for those with children running around the house. With a Dimplex Optimyst, you just won’t have to worry about toxic smoke or accidental burns. So, if you don’t mind the fact that this product was only designed to give off a “dying ember” instead of a roaring fire, and if you don’t mind cleaning up mist and re-filling the back tank every so often, this product offers a viable alternative to a real wood-burning fireplace.

Bottom Line

The Dimplex Optimyst is one of the most popular fireplace inserts on the market nowadays, and it certainly deserves that title. Simply put, this device delivers where it needs to: it’s safe, efficient, and produces great artificial flames. Furthermore, homeowners not interested in investing in a wood-burning fireplace, or even apartment dwellers, will find a lot to admire in this product.

In conclusion, if you have the money, it’s worth giving this product a go. The Dimplex name is well respected in the industry, and this company has its own dedicated customer care division ready to handle any of your questions. So, for those the market for a soothing “dying flame” mist fireplace, try the Dimplex Optimyst out for yourself.

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an elegant electric fireplace on a brick wall

The modern electric fireplaces on the market today have revolutionized home heating as well as decoration. Napoleon electric fireplace is renowned for their varied designs and colors creating relaxing ambiance in the room. These electric fireplaces offer myriads of design possibilities for your room in a push of a button.

They provide heat in the desired intensity to the entire room in just a few minutes. In this article, we’ll, therefore, discuss 6 Napoleon Electric Fireplaces to check out. We have arranged them according to their price in the market as well as popularity.

The Best Napoleon Electric Fireplaces Worth Considering

1. The Whitney – NEFP24-0516GRW

napoleon electric fireplace, the whitney

This electric fireplace has a deep gray finish that is unmatched in its category. It brags of the Cinema 24 Glass electric fireplace design. The current technology with which it is made allows it to fit in your home space perfectly. The surface is conceived in a smoked glass and also offers a surface for situating your entertainment system. The wiring systems are also managed neatly on the mantelpiece.

The handles are delicately crafted, and the upper surfaces are aligned with tempered glass. Another selling point is its ability to be used as a night light. It measures 32 inches in height, 60” width, and 18” depth. It costs $1299 on most websites which is entirely fair for the design of this electric fireplace.

2. Napoleon 60 Inch Allure Wall Mount

This is the most expensive Napoleon Electric Fireplace of its size. Its dimensions are 60-inch width x 22-inch height x 5-inch depth. It has an ample size and is suitable for a large room. Some of its key features include a large linear glass display offering maximum viewing. It is mountable but can also be recessed. This electric fireplace gives you season-round heater functionality.

It has been tailored to match the current technology, which is evident by the smooth access electronic touch screen control panel. It is also remote controlled. The black frame color accentuates the ember flame projections from its bed in a natural and soothing manner. It is undoubtedly one of the best for offering not only a good visual enjoyment but also a heating capacity of up to 400 square feet. You can purchase it for $1149.

3. Napoleon EFL50H Azure Linear Wall Mount

an electric fireplace up on a wall

This is another eye-catching electric fireplace from the Napoleon series that can help spruce up your home or office. It is a wall mount design featuring a black framed slime line. This fireplace has a glass crystal ember bed from which the fantastic flames ooze filling up the room with enough heat and great ambiance. It also has LEDs that produce colors ranging from orange to blue or a combination of the two. The heater fan is silent as it sends out heat to the vent facing its front.

This Napoleon electric fireplace comes with a hand held remote for turning it on or off, regulating the flame or light intensity as well as changing the amount of heat produced. It is very cheap based on the consumption rate per hour; it uses 1400 Watts. Also, it has been fitted with a thermal overload protector. The dimensions are 50x 5x 20 for the width depth and height respectively with a viewing area of 41.5 by 9.5 inches. This electric fireplace can heat an area of 400 sq ft. It costs $799.00 plus free shipping on Amazon.

4. Napoleon Woodland 24”Electrical Fireplace

This handcrafted electrical fireplace is one of the most realistic fireplaces in the market today. It provides you with a look of wood burning at the same time producing enough heat for your room. The logs at the bed of this electrical fireplace are crafted from real burnt logs and painted professionally to imitate the actual fire experience. Besides that, the lighting has also received much work to make it so surreal.

Brilliant LEDs provide a smoldering effect which pulsates in an ember-red glow. The back of the fireplaces also contributes to the show by reflecting the projecting flame effects giving it a jaw dropping even glow. The user can quickly adjust the glow of the flame and heat intensity which covers up to 400 sq ft. It goes for $656.31 on Amazon and can be easily assembled upon purchase.

5. Napoleon Slimline EFL32H

The Napoleon Slimline electrical fireplace is a breath-taking fireplace that gives you not only heat but the flame experience of real fire. It is a wall mount fireplace featuring rock inserts and LEDs to imitate the original fireplace in the most realistic way. The rock inserts come in different six colors which are blue amber topaz, black, red and clear. It weighs averagely 35 pounds and measures 32.35 by 23.45 inches. These dimensions are just perfect since they can fit in either a long or small wall.

Its flagship feature is the hidden touch screen control palette from where you can carry out the regulation maneuvers. It also comes with a remote control. Unlike most of the other fireplaces, it has a handy timer gadget which you can set to turn it off after a given period automatically. It costs $ 588.03 and is readily available in the online stores.

6. The Bailey – NEFCP24-0116E

napoleon bailey electric fireplace

The Bailey mantel package brings with it a Cinema 24 electric fireplace featuring a classic wooden vibe. The design involves burning wood within the fire bed creating the atmosphere of an authentic traditional fireplace. It is small and delicately designed to occupy a flexible space within your living room or office.

Its main features include the ability to be used as an independent source of light during the night, a handcrafted immaculate mantel detail, pedestal base and a sturdy hardwood decorative side bars.

This electric fireplace has an espresso finish look that will change the setting of your room. It has a hidden apartment as well as a floating firebox appearance. It costs $549.00 online and is available for free shipping upon purchase. The dimensions are 36W x 34 H x13D inches minus the comer piece.

The Napoleon electric fireplace is renowned across the globe due to their clean design as well as the LED flame variations. Get the perfect fireplace for your office or living room from Napoleon according to your budget. If you have one of the Napoleon electric fireplace products, then you can share your experience or thoughts.

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stylish living room furniture

Heating your house in the winter may be no easy feat if your home doesn’t come built with a fireplace. Most people cover their entire home with plug-in heaters, but it is impractical and dangerous. Luckily, portable fireplaces were made for this reason only. They are super easy to set up and provide a much more even temperature than smaller electric heaters. Here are the top 9 portable electric fireplace choices, ranked from least to most expensive, to try in your home.

The Best Portable Electric Fireplaces to Consider

1. 3G Plus 14″ Mini Electric Fireplace Hearth Portable Heater

This small portable fireplace is perfect for studios or one bedroom homes. With a durable plastic outer shell, it provides a comforting flame look on the front of the device while warming your home. Its most used feature is the auto shut off for when your home is heated to the temperature you set. Also, it offers energy efficient heating and is CSA certified. For a simple to use interface and easy price, it is the perfect tool to kick off your winter. For $50, you can buy this fireplace on Amazon.

2. Fire Sense 61237 Skyline Electric Fireplace Stove

If you’re looking for a small fireplace that you can place next to your favorite reading chair, the Fire Sense Electric Fireplace Stove might be perfect for you. With a strong, durable coated finish it offers dual heat settings for maximum comfort. It’s LED lighting also offers an appealing display. You will be able to connect the device to a power source due to its 6-foot cord. For an affordable price, this mini fireplace is perfect for any smaller bedroom or living room. You can find the Fire Sense 61237 on Amazon for $59.95.

3. Della Portable Freestanding 21 inch Electric Fireplace

The Della Portable Electric Fireplace is perfect for any dorm, room, or RV. The display screen shows a calming roasting fire while warming your surroundings. With a durable matte finish around the fireplace, it can last for over a dozen seasons. It is also extremely easy to operate with an on/off switch located on the back along with different heat dials. The Della Fireplace will keep you toasty no matter the temperature outside. This fireplace is available for purchase on Amazon for $69.99.

4. VonHaus 1500W Electric Stove Heater – Portable Home Fireplace

electric fireplace flames

As one of the most popular portable electric fireplace heaters on the market today, you can’t go wrong with the VonHaus. It features an elegant black and copper design that would be a welcome addition to any home. The logs look very realistic, but there is no need to worry about burns! This fireplace uses a thermal cut-off device which prevents it from overheating. It also features two separate heat settings. You can buy this portable fireplace on Amazon for $89.95.

5. AKDY 16″ Retro-Style Floor Freestanding Vintage Electric Stove Heater Fireplace

The AKDY electric fireplace features a retro wood design with a real glass door. You can adjust the brightness of the flames and even have the flames on without the heat for just a visual effect. This heater is also super portable, measuring only 16 inches tall and weighing less than 20 pounds. If you are looking for a stylish centerpiece to place in any room of the house, this is the fireplace for you. You can buy the AKDY portable electric fireplace on Amazon for $89.99.

6. Aspen Free Standing Electric Fireplace

This quiet and stylish fireplace will look great in any home. The Aspen portable electric fireplace can heat up to 400 square feet and employs a fan-forced heater which provides even heat distribution. It also features an energy efficient design. With its glowing fire logs, guests will not even be able to tell if this fireplace is real or not! For $129.99, you can purchase this portable fireplace on Amazon.

7. Duraflame DFS-450-2 Carleton Electric Stove Fireplace

Duraflame is known for their easy-burn logs, so you can be sure that this company knows fire. It can heat up to 400 square feet and looks ultra-realistic. Perhaps the best feature of this fireplace is how safe it is. Although it provides a lot of heat for your room, this machine always stays cool, which is great if you have pets or children. It also has an overheat protection; it will shut off if it gets close to overheating. You can buy the Duraflame DFS-450-2 on Amazon for $129.99.

8. Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace

The Jasper Free Standing Electric Fireplace features a realistic design and lots of heating power. It can be used to heat spaces up to 400 square feet. The flames look very realistic behind the glass doors. This also features a fairly compact design, which can fit nicely in each and every room in your home. For $179.99 on Amazon, this electric fireplace could be yours!

9. Regal Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for a stylish, classically designed electric fireplace, look no further than the Regal Electric Fireplace. It was designed to look exactly like a traditional indoor fireplace with classic mesh doors. Even the flames look super realistic. It is compact. This means that you can easily place it in any room in your house. This fireplace is energy efficient and can evenly heat a room up to 400 square feet. You can purchase this electric fireplace on Amazon for $199.99.

Portable electric fireplaces are an important necessity for winter conditions if your home or dorm lacks proper heating. It may seem overwhelming to look for a new device since it has the incredibly important job of keeping you warm all winter. Hopefully, these reviews could narrow down your list. Comment below if these reviews helped your buying decision or if we missed your favorite portable electric fireplace!

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The electric fireplace and heater have seen the increase in popularity over the past decade. Nowadays, they come in a vast variety of types, designs, and sizes. They also come with varying functionalities and heating capabilities.

As a result, choosing the right one for your household that might fit your exact needs can be a daunting task. Yet, we often fail to appreciate something simply because we don’t understand them. Thus, let us first discuss the different variety of electric fireplace types. We will also discuss the principle and basic features behind it, and how it may suit your needs.


The Main Types of Electric Fireplaces

In reality, the electric fireplace will boil down just to three different types, based on its placement and installation:


1. Free-Standing Electric Fireplace

Image credit:


Also often categorized as mantel fireplaces, in reality, electric fireplaces with mantel is just one part of this category. As the basic principle, the electric fireplaces in this category should be able to freely stand in any room of your house, hence the name. Electric fireplaces combined with TV stands, entertainment centers, and portable fireplaces belong to this category.

The benefit of this type is its flexibility and ease of installation. You can freely install the fireplace in any room of your choosing without much trouble.

The downside is that they will need a dedicated amount of space. Free-standing electric fireplaces could be a solution if you don’t have an existing fireplace.


2.Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace

Image credit: Pinterest

As the name suggest, this type of electric fireplace is hung to the wall. You may have guessed then, that the main advantage of this type is to save space.

This type comes in a wide variety of design, including traditional, realistic-looking wooden logs.

The benefit of this type is obvious in saving space. Yet, the main disadvantage is that you will need to be very careful with the installation, as it may obstruct your area’s building code. You might want the help of a professional in this case.


3.Insert-Type Electric Fireplace

Image credit: Pinterest

In this category, you can insert the electric fireplace to an existing space, hence the name.

There are generally two subtypes of this category. The first is the electric log insert, which is an ideal replacement for your traditional gas or wood-burning fireplace.

The other subtype is the electric firebox, which can be used to replace a built-in or plug-in fireplace. The major advantage of this category is that it very easy to install and use. The disadvantage? Also obvious, you wouldn’t be able to use it without a traditional fireplace.


Subtypes of Electric Fireplaces


After we have learned about the three main categories of electric fireplaces, let’s delve deeper into the subtypes commonly available in the market.


Subtypes for The Free-Standing Electric Fireplace

1. Electric Fireplace With Mantel

Image credit: Amazon

Back in the medieval era, traditional fireplaces are the prominent centerpiece of any household. Thus, the mantelpiece, or often called chimneypiece is an important part of a household decoration.

In the modern era with more variety of heating methods, the mantel has lost its functional significance. Yet, many of us still appreciate the aesthetic aspect of a mantel.

The installation of a standard fireplace with a mantel can be very expensive. But here, you can get the authentic, realistic look of the mantelpiece with a more affordable price.

Another advantage is that you can operate this electric fireplace without the heater functionality, so you can enjoy the realistic flame during all seasons.

Here are the key benefits of this subtype:
  • Aesthetics
The main reason of getting an electric fireplace with a mantelpiece is for decoration purpose, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that.
  • Cost Efficient
Both in initial investment and long-term cost. It is significantly cheaper than building a traditional fireplace. In long-term cost, as you would save costs for burning logs and gas associated with a traditional fireplace.
  • Flexibility
You can use the fireplace with or without the heater functionality. If you only want to enjoy the realistic flame for aesthetic purpose, you can do that during all seasons.
  • Quality and Durability
Made with furniture-grade construction with authentic-looking woodwork.
For the disadvantages, here are a few:
  • Spacious
Will require a relatively large amount of space, and most likely will not cater to smaller households.
  • Power-Consuming
Most of the mantel and electric fireplace packages will require a relatively high electricity.

2. Electric Fireplace and Entertainment Center Package

Image credit: Pinterest


The combination of electric fireplace with a TV stand is popular today for good reasons. It will save a lot of space in your living room by combining two or more essential furniture in one. It is also a beautiful head-turner and can act as a centerpiece for your entertainment room.

The more expensive models also often came with integrated control systems and wire management channels, so they can also be handy in functionality.

Here are the key benefits of this type:
  • Saving Space
By combining two types of furniture in one, it will save a substantial amount of space in your living or entertainment room.
  • Cost Efficient
It retains most of the major benefits of mantelpiece-type, including the cost efficiency. In addition, you can also save cost you would need to spend on a dedicated TV stand.
  • Wire Management

Most of the electric fireplaces of this type come with an integrated wire management channel so you can manage the wiring of different appliances easily without them being a mess.

  • Flexibility
As with electric fireplace with mantel, you can opt not to use the heater, so the realistic flame will only be used for the aesthetic purpose.
  • Quality and Durability
Most come with furniture-grade construction, and can hold up to 100 lbs of weight for TV and other appliances.
As for the cons, here are a few:
  • Aesthetic
Some would prefer the authentic and traditional look of a regular mantel, and it is understandable.
  • Relatively more complicated installation

Depending on models, some of them come with DIY, build it yourself approach, and can include too many pieces which might be a hassle for some.


3.Free-Standing Electric Stove

Image credit: Amazon

You can think of the free-standing electric stove as a more compact alternative to the mantle-electric fireplace combo. It retains almost all the key qualities of the mantle-electric fireplace but will tackle the issue of space.

The disadvantage? Although it will be dependent on personal preference, but without the mantlepiece design, it is often regarded as a lesser alternative, aesthetic-wise.


4.Free-Standing Infrared Fireplace

Image credit:

Not technically a subtype, but rather an upgrade in technology. While a common electric fireplace can only heat a room of roughly 400 square meters, infrared fireplaces or heaters can cover more than double that size at approximately 1,000 square meters.

It can belong to any subtype, an electric stove can use an infrared heater, and so does mantel-type electric fireplace. As a result of the added range, infrared fireplaces are commonly more expensive.


Subtypes for Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces


For the wall-mount type, the variation is relatively subtle, and thus there aren’t any distinct classification for its subtype. Wall-mount electric fireplaces can come in both infrared or non-infrared, refer to our discussion above regarding the free-standing infrared fireplace for the difference.

Subtypes for Insert Electric Fireplaces


As we have mentioned above, insert-type electric fireplaces can generally be divided into two:


1.Electric Log Insert

Image credit: Amazon


As the name suggests, the electric fireplace belonging to this subtype is shaped like a realistic log. Once you plug in the electric log into the electric outlet, it will produce a realistic lifelike flame effect.

Thus, generally for this type, the more realistic the flame appearance is, the more expensive it will be. You can use the electric log insert to rejuvenate your traditional or gas fireplace to life.


2.Electric Firebox

Image credit:

Can be plug-in or built-in, the firebox is the TV-like fireplace simulation you can find in other electric fireplaces. Here, the standalone unit can be inserted either to your old fireplace, to refurbish an unused furniture, or even to a dedicated space on your wall.

It is very flexible, and for DIY enthusiasts, you can customize the electric firebox with any design of your liking.

Product Recommendations

1.Mantel Electric Fireplace

best electric fireplaces

Image Credit: Amazon

Calvert Espresso, Carved Electric Fireplace

44.5" (W) x 14.5" (D) x40.25"H

best electric fireplace

Image Credit: Amazon

Dimplex Fieldstone Pine, Stone-Look Electric Fireplace

14 " (D) x 55.5" (H) x 42.5" (W)

2.Media Center Electric Fireplace & TV Stand

best electric fireplace

Image Credit: Amazon

Altra Furniture Manchester

27.99" (H) x 59.51" (W) x 19.84" (L)

best electric fireplace

Image Credit: Amazon

Pleasant Hearth
Elliot Media

15.5" (D)  x 47.76" (H)  x 35" (W)

3. Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

best electric fireplace

Image Credit: Amazon

Warm House
Valencia Wall-Mount

22" (H)  x 5.9" (L)  x 35.4" (W)

3. Insert Electric FIreplace

best electric fireplace

Image Credit: Amazon

XtremepowerUS 28.5" Insert Electric Fireplace

28.5"(W) x 21" (H) x 6.75" (D)

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