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a Touchstone electric fireplace

During a cold winter night, nothing livens the heart like the sight of a crackling fireplace. However, fireplaces are hard work. Additionally, they produce smoke and ashes that often end up entering the room no matter how cautious you are. Luckily, modern technology has given us the wonder of electric fireplaces. Even more recently, Touchstone electric fireplace options have offered us never-seen-before levels of quality when it comes to replicating real fireplaces without any of the drawbacks.

Taking into account looks, practicality, temperature control and overall quality, this guide will go over the best Touchstone electric fireplaces.

Top 8 Touchstone Electric Fireplaces

1. The Forte Recessed Electric Fireplace

a Touchstone Forte recessed fireplace

People often complain that electric fireplaces have too many buttons, vents, and other distracting fixtures. The Forte goes the complete opposite way by cleverly hiding anything that does not look like a natural part of a fireplace. It has a unique design. Also, it features an incredibly realistic set of flames rising from white stones instead of the usual pile of wood.

Visually generous and ample, this fantastic Touchstone electric fireplace was designed specifically for in-wall recess. However, it can also be mounted anywhere you see fit. The unit’s clever design make it easy to access the heating controls regardless of the mounting position.

2. The Sideline 72 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace

a Touchstone sideline electric fireplace

Boasting a very healthy 72 inches of width, this Touchstone electric fireplace provides a lush and luxurious experience. It is perfect for large family rooms. Designed to be built into the wall, the Sideline will instantly become a part of any room.

It features an incredibly realistic flame that will trick more than one person into thinking it’s an actual fire. Incredibly, it does all this without expelling smoke or hot air through vents of any kind. Featuring five different flame display settings and a separate heating control, this is one of Touchstone’s most versatile electric fireplaces.

3. ValueLine72 10-Color Electric Fireplace

a Touchstone ValueLine electric fireplace

While many people prefer a traditional fireplace with regular-looking flames, there are also those who want more variety. For those people there is the ValueLine 72, an electric fireplace that combines realistic flames with stunning colors. This Touchstone electric fireplace allows users to choose between 10 different flame colors.

As if that wasn’t marvelous enough, it includes a ten color crystal hearth that can also be adjusted to act in combination to the flames, resulting in marvelous visual effects. For heat, this fireplace also includes a built-in thermostat that uses a touchscreen display for adjustment.

4. Touchstone Emblazon Series Wall-Length Linear Electric Fireplaces

a living room with a Touchstone electric fireplace

Sometimes, a regular-sized electric fireplace just won’t cut it. This is particularly true for large houses and establishments such as restaurants, hotels and conference rooms. Luckily, Touchstone has a product series like Emblazon, which is characterized by its options in length.

Ranging from 50.4 inches to 139.9 inches, the Emblazon series allow customers to find the most appropriate size of Touchstone electric fireplace for them. Featuring ultra-realistic flames, these landscape fireplaces are capable of warming up any room, helping guests feel welcome.

5. AudioFlare Stainless 3-Color Fireplace with Bluetooth Audio

a Touchstone Audioflare stainless fireplace

Today, Touchstone electric fireplaces are so realistic many people have trouble distinguishing their flames from a real fire. However, most of them lack one thing: the beautiful crackling sound of real fire. Luckily, thanks to the AudioFlare, that is no longer an issue.

Using a Bluetooth connection, this product delivers quality audio that imitates the kind of real fireplace crackling sounds that many people find soothing and relaxing. Additionally, this device is capable of becoming synced to your phone audio player, enabling you to enjoy your favorite songs and radio programs.

6. The Ivory Electric Fireplace

a small Touchstone Ivory electric fireplace

Differentiating itself from any other Touchstone electric fireplace, this product is framed by a marble-white, elegant structure. Adding to the uniqueness of this product, two different types of flame are available: Log set and crystal. The visually stunning flames it displays are incredibly relaxing.

However, the Ivory Electric Fireplace does not limit itself to visual flare. It features two different heating settings that are capable of improving the temperature of rooms of up to 400 square feet. It is easy to install. Moreover, you can place this Touchstone electric fireplace on or in the wall.

7. The Edgeline 28 Inch LED Electric Firebox Fireplace Insert

a Touchstone Edgeline electric fireplace

Many people want to replace their old fireplace with a Touchstone electric fireplace. They often argue that traditional fireplaces are too expensive, too difficult to get going or simply too messy. The Edgeline grants them their wishes since it has a design hat substitutes your current wood or gas fireplace insert. It features a realistic firescreen with five different settings ranging from a soft ember glow to a fully-flaming fire. It also helps heat up rooms of up to 400 square feet.

8. The Mirror Onyx Electric Fireplace with Heat and Mirror Glass

a Touchstone Mirror Onyx electric fireplace

Providing a unique and elegant twist to the classic Touchstone electric fireplace, the Mirror Onyx turns into a luxurious mirror when the flames are not on. When it is on, however, the flames are so life-like that they will fool more one guest. Its 50 inches provide a charming and compelling visual display. One can adjust it to fit his or her personal taste. Additionally, it heats up any room using two different settings of either 1500 or 750 watts.

Summing It Up

It is without a doubt that a Touchstone electric fireplace is a convenient way to infuse a room with elegance and warmth. The product features all the things that make a traditional fireplace such a staple of social gatherings: the comforting warmth, the mesmerizing visual spectacle, and the overall relaxing experience.

However, it does not represent any of the hard work, hassle, and messiness that the traditional version of a fireplace does. Additionally, it has the kind of high-quality that only Touchstone can guarantee. Have you ever experienced a Touchstone electric fireplace? What is your favorite model? Please, let us know in the comment section below!

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a wall mount electric fireplace in a living room

An electric fireplace installation is simple. Moreover, it provides a fireplace fire without any work. You’ll no longer need to gather and chop wood, purchase it, or store it. Instead of starting the fire with paper, kindling, and matches, you just push a button. There’s no need to shift logs around in the fireplace.

You’ll never again need to clean ash and soot from the fireplace or the chimney. Also, electric fires produce no sparks, making them safer than wood fires. Depending on electric rates, electric fires may be cheaper than wood fires. The advantages make the installation well worth it.

Tools You Will Need for Your Electric Fireplace Installation

  • Electric fireplace insert kit to fit your fireplace opening.
  • Owner’s manual from insert kit.
  • An electrical outlet that matches requirements of the insert.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Drill with a masonry bit.
  • Cold chisel.
  • Level.
  • Help from a friend.

Preliminary Steps

For an insert that fits your existing fireplace exactly, call a retailer with a builder box program. Firstly, use the tape measure to get the exact measurements of your existing fireplace. Then, give those measurements to the retailer. They will provide an insert of the correct size.

Secondly, check the electrical outlet nearest to your fireplace. Be certain that it matches the requirements of your insert. Usually, that will mean it must be a 120v, 15 amp, 60Hz outlet.

The outlet may also need to be on its own separate, dedicated circuit. That means no other outlets, appliances, or other household items may draw power from the wiring that powers that outlet. Find the circuit in your fuse box that powers that outlet and turn the power to that circuit off.

Check the other outlets, light switches, appliances, and household items that might be drawing power from that circuit. If they are still operating, they are on separate circuits from the outlet you want to use. Also, an electrician will need to rewire circuits if the outlet you want to use shares a circuit with other items.

Additional Things to Consider

Avoid using an extension cord. However, if you must use an extension cord, make sure it meets the requirements listed in the owner’s manual for your insert.

To eliminate a visible cord, an electrician can install an outlet inside of your fireplace. An electrician could also hardwire your insert to the household wiring. Both of these alternatives are more or less permanent ones. Be certain you want to keep your electric fireplace installation before utilizing either of the above options.

To prevent drafts during your electric fireplace installation, close the damper in your fireplace. If your electric fireplace installation is permanent, consider installing fiber-free insulation inside the firebox of your fireplace.

Remove your fireplace grate, and clean out all of the ash and soot.

Before beginning your electric fireplace installation, read the entire owner’s manual completely through. Every manufacturer and insert model will have unique installation steps. Still, you should be familiar with them and make sure that you understand them before beginning.

Electric Fireplace Installation

a dining room with a fireplace

1. Unpack your electric fireplace insert.

2. Remove all of the packing materials inside of your insert and discard them.

3. If your electric fireplace installation kit includes mounting hardware, install it first. However, the mounting hardware won’t be necessary if you used a builder box program.

4. As an optional step, drill a hole for the electric cord with the masonry bit and cold chisel. Furthermore, you can pass the cord through the hole to plug the insert into the outlet.

5. Slide the glass front to your electric fireplace installation in place, if you have one. Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to secure it.

6. If necessary, have a friend help you lift your insert into the interior of your fireplace. Tilt it, if needed, to pass it through the fireplace opening. Be careful not to bump and damage the case.

7. Place your insert upright within your existing fireplace. Also, use the level to be certain its feet are sitting evenly on the floor of the firebox of the fireplace.

8. Pull the cord under or around your insert and through the hole if you drilled one. Draw the cord across the hearth to the nearest outlet. Avoid both allowing the cord to rub against sharp edges and pinching the rope.

9. Plug your insert into the outlet. Use the remote to turn the insert on and adjust the flames, and enjoy.

Safety Precautions for Your Electric Fireplace Installation

Always unplug your insert when it’s not in use.

Periodically check the outlet, plug, cord, and extension cord, if you are using one. Look for signs of wear, damage, or overheating.

Customizing Your Electric Fireplace Installation

Kits and built-in options help customize your electric fireplace installation for your lifestyle and decor. For example, an electric fireplace installation with LED lighting reduces operating costs by reducing energy consumption.

Models with glass ember beds come with glass rock media that duplicates the look of glowing embers. When you have completed your electric fireplace installation, simply pour the rock media into the front tray of the firebox.

Kits with decorative moldings complement your decor while also hiding gaps between the insert and the existing fireplace. Do-it-yourselfers can create their own moldings and mantels. offers ideas for fireplaces on angles, in corners, or in the middle of the wall. The styles fit decors from traditional to country to modern.

Summing It Up

If you need more reasons for an electric fireplace insert, listen to the seven reasons in this YouTube video entitled Electric Fireplace Overview from

It’s so easy. Measure to purchase an insert the right size for your fireplace. Make sure the outlet you will use is on a dedicated circuit. Follow the simple steps above for your electric fireplace installation, and instantly enjoy a beautiful, glowing fire whenever you want.

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an elegant living room with a fireplace

A wall mounted fireplace is attached to your wall while in use. These fireplaces are space efficient, their contemporary design improves your room’s aesthetics, and they are easy to use. Are you planning to buy a wall mounted fireplace to keep your room warm? Below we have reviewed some of the best fireplaces that you should consider. We have arranged our picks starting from the most expensive to the most affordable. Read our review to choose one that is suitable for you. You can purchase them from online shops such as Amazon.

10 Popular Wall Mounted Fireplace Options

1. Gibson Living GL2050WS Sydney Pebble Recessed Wall Mounted Fireplace

a Gibison Sydney Pebble electric fireplace
This wall-mounted fireplace from Gibson Living features a sleek design, and an innovative Pebble styled flame, which makes it an attractive showpiece for your interior space. You can adjust this wall mounted fireplace into high, low or no heat settings.

The standard package of this product comes with a wall mounted unit to help you fix it and a remote control. Its automatic shut-off option lets you control the duration you want it to run. It costs $429. 99.

2. Touchstone Onyx Wall Mounted Fireplace

an electric fireplace on the wall
This wall mounted fireplace comes in black and white colors to let you pick a color that matches your interior décor. Besides the color variation, the fireplace also features realistic flames of faux logs that resemble the conventional fireplace.

Depending on your indoor room temperature, this electric fireplace lets you adjust into a low or high-temperature setting. Use the remote control provided to control your wall-mounted fireplace. It perfectly heats rooms that are 400 feet square. You can purchase it for $279.99.

3. ClassicFlame Elysium Wall Mounted Infrared Fire Place

a small Classic Flame Elysium electric fireplace
The ClassicFrame Elysium fireplace features bright sidelights and a blue flame that enhances your room’s aesthetics. You can set the flame to three brightness levels, and you can operate the flame effects without heat.

It utilizes an infrared heating system that is powerful enough to warm a loom which is as large as 1,000 square feet. Another advantage of the infrared heating system is that it preserves the natural moisture of your room. You can find it on Amazon at $277. 30.

4. Moda Flame Valencia PRO Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

a wall mount fireplace from Moda Flame
This wall mounted ethanol fireplace from Moda Flame Valencia fits onto the walls of both modern and traditional houses. Unlike those wall mounted fireplaces powered by electricity, this type uses ethanol. It is, therefore, a good fit for people whose homes lack electricity.

A single ethanol recharge can last for as long as 4 or 6 hours. Its stainless steel material lasts long. Furthermore, it does not produce harmful gasses, hence suitable for indoor heating. This wall mounted electric fireplace is $259.99.

5. Ivation Wall Mounted Glass Electric Fireplace

an Ivation wall mounted fireplace
This stunning wall mounted fireplace features a slim design to give your living room beautiful flame scenery. It heats rooms with a maximum area of 250 square feet, and you can regulate the heat into a low, high or no heat settings.

Use the remote control provided to adjust the heat and set the timer quickly and easily. The fireplace comes with a bracket and mounting hardware which help you fix it onto your wall. It costs $249.

6. Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

a medium-size Fire sense fireplace on a wall
Fire Sense Wall Mounted fireplace comes in black, stainless steel and wood colors. This color variation helps you buy one that matches your room’s interior décor. This fireplace allows you to adjust the fireplace into different heat settings that are suitable for your heating needs.

A remote that is included the standard package helps you set the appropriate temperature in just a few seconds. However, you cannot use it to set the timer function. It comes with a steel mounting bracket and screws. This fireplace costs $160.00.

7. AKDY Wooden Style Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

an AKDY wooden style fireplace
This wall mounted electric fireplace from AKDY is made of a steel frame with a wood-like finish to give your interior space an appealing look. You can use it to heat rooms whose size is 400 square feet or just as a decoration for your room.

Its remote lets you to adjust the light intensity of your flame. For safety purposes, the fireplace has a cut off those powers off the fireplace when it heats. You can buy this fireplace for $129.00.

8. HomCom 1500W Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

a HomCom electric fireplace
This wall mounted fireplace keeps your home warm as well as increasing the aesthetics of your room. Its maintenance and emission free nature makes it an inexpensive option for raising your indoor temperatures.

This wall mounted fireplace allows you to adjust its heat into a setting that is appropriate. It can heat rooms that are as large as 46,500 square inches. Its standard package contains a remote control and wall mounting hardware. This fireplace costs $124. 89.

9. Best Choice Products Large 1500w Wall Mount Fireplace

a wall mount fireplace with digital flames
This wall mounted fireplace features a 3D flame technology that improves the aesthetics of your room. Its remote control lets you adjust the brightness of the flame in just a couple of button clicks.

Another important feature on this wall mounted fireplace is its dual heat settings that let you set an appropriate temperature for your room. It comes with a free stand used to mount it on your wall and a glass panel heater. It costs 114.95.

10. Homegear Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

a Homegear electric fireplace
The Homegear Wall mounted fireplace features an elegant design with appealing flame effects and natural stones that add up to the beautiful flame scenery. Its dual heat settings allow you to adjust the fireplace’s temperature depending on the size of your room and the temperature.

You can adjust the heat or flame brightness remotely, and its wall mounting unit helps you fix it onto your wall without hassle. It’s built by CE and ETL standards, hence safe for use. You can find this fireplace on Amazon at the price of $109.78.

Bottom Line

Wall mounted fireplaces help you warm your living room or office with style. Depending on the model, these fireplaces are powered by electricity or infrared red radiation. Unlike the conventional fireplace, wall mounted fireplaces are emission free, easy to operate and maintenance free.

Our picks above last long, they let you regulate the temperature and flame light, and they work efficiently. Therefore, if you ever wanted a good fireplace, we recommend that you try one of our picks. We encourage your review if you have tried any one of the wall mounted fireplaces above.

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an electric fireplace on the wall

Installing a flush mount electric fireplace involves a lot of work. For a handy DIY person, it can be a pretty simple job to take on but very challenging to a first-time Do-It-Yourself installer. Consider hiring a licensed technician to install the fireplace for you if not sure of how to go about it.

Make sure to follow the guides for installation given in the manual that came with your flush electric fireplace. While installation guides vary based on model and manufacturer, following the below simple and general steps and choosing tips will help you to successfully install your flush mount electric fireplace as well as be able to choose the best.

5 Steps on How to Install a Flush Mount Electric Fireplace

a wall-mount electric fireplace in a living room

Step 1: Designate the Right Location

Move a stud finder across the sheetrock to locate studs. The tool has a little magnet, so when it senses a nail, you have situated a stud. The next stud should be about 16 inches to the right or left. If the studs are spaced such that they don’t match the mounting brackets of your wall fireplace, use an anchor bolt to secure the mismatched end of the bracket. Never mount your wall fireplace to drywall.

Check to ensure that your electric outlet is located near and below the unit. With the power outlet located below the fireplace, it will not be blown by the rising warm air. You also want to cover close outlets with coverings that are non-flammable.

Step 2: Install Hardwire and Plugin Units

Choose between a hardwired and plugin unit. Then, install the selected one. Connect the hardwired unit directly into the electric wiring of your home. Hardwired units are hidden in the sheetrock, and due to the way they are installed, it’s hard to find loose connections. Only a licensed electrician can install these units for you.

You can fix the plugin units yourself. Plug the units straight into the wall outlets. Try and hide the wall outlets that look unsightly. Caution: Never connect your flush mount electric fireplace using extension cords.

Step 3: Open the Wall and Build a Frame

Cut open the sheetrock using a saw. Once you have cut open your wall, measure the dimensions of your fireplace using a tape. Then, build a frame in the opened-up wall based on the size of your frame that you measured.

Fit the fireplace unit inside the wall. After that, level the unit using shims. Using a leveler will help see that the frame unit is leveled. Once you do this, it’s time to mount the fireplace to the frame using brackets and screws. You want your house to look even more cosmetic with the fireplace mounted, and making sure that the frame unit sits straight is one of the most important steps in the entire process of installing your flush mount electric fireplace.

Step 4: Wiring

Using a wire stripper or a skinning knife, strip your wires about half an inch starting from the end. Fasten the electrical connections using twist-on wire connectors. Doing this will ensure your safety and good connections. Test your electrical connections before finishing everything up. Your flush mount electric fireplace is connected to the power. Turn it on and check all programs, and see whether or not they are functioning properly.

Step 5: Add the Finishing Touches

Once you finish working on the entire internal installation, it’s time to patch up the wall. With the trim piece of the unit, you can cover the empty area where the sheetrock and the fireplace meet. For a clean finish, make your wall come as close to the fireplace as possible.

Cover your flush mount electric fireplace with painters tape and plastic to protect it from getting the pain. Add some textures and paint the wall. Once the paint is dried, attach the trim pieces to cover the area where the fireplace and wall meet. You can now enjoy your fireplace.

Now that you know how to install your flush mount electric fireplace, it’s time to look at the best rated electric fireplaces to be able to choose the best.

Top 3 Recessed Wall Electric Fireplaces

1. Sydney Pebble Recessed 50-Inch Electric Fireplace

a Gibison Sydney Pebble electric fireplace

This fireplace can be used as mount wall or flush mount electric fireplace. It’s beautiful from edge to edge. It’s fan forced, meaning the heated air is pushed out and away from the wall heating your room perfectly. The fireplace is smokeless and has a timer to allow you to set time when the equipment will automatically shut off in case you forget to turn it off yourself.

2. Black Touchstone Sideline Recessed Electric Fireplace with Heat

a large flush mount electric fireplace

The fireplace offers a great combination of aesthetic and operational features. Its flame is produced by LED lighting; thus, it doesn’t produce smoke. This wall-mount fireplace comes with a remote, allowing the user to operate it anywhere within range. It’s perfect for heating large spaces, warming up to 400 square foot. This flush mount electric fireplace doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, only a simple cleaning occasionally. The LED can last for quite a long time.

3. Moda Flame Black Cynergy Pebbles Recessed Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

a Moda Flame wall-mount electric fireplace

This fireplace can blend seamlessly with any décor. It’s fumeless and smokeless. So, you don’t need any vent, but the indoor air is still so safe to breathe. This flush mount electric fireplace is simple to upkeep; you only need to do some dusting. It comes with three settings that allow you to control the flame using a remote. This means that you can use it even during the warmer months. It has a timer and produces fan-forced heat.

Putting It All Together

How much you’re going to enjoy your fireplace will be determined by the flush mount electric fireplace that you choose to purchase. A good choice and proper installation will go a long way to ensuring that your house is heated up and has a professional look. A professional can help you choose the best fireplace that suits your heating needs.

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