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Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove Review

The quality-built Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove, realistic flame technology is used for a beautiful 3D appearance to enhance your home and its décor. Place it your home or office for a mesmerizing and captivating experience. The traditional style stove has handcrafted logs and shows the true artisanship in this stylish electric stove. The firebox is made of steel and the front door gleams with its Gothic arch embellishment. It provides on-demand heat with a thermostat and the faux flame operates with or without heat. A hand-held remote is included for your convenience and operates in the same room with you.  A small TV about 19-inches or less can be placed on top. Enjoy the dancing and flickering flames with or without heat.

Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove

Product Details

  • Power: 1350 Watts/5115 BTU/110-120 Volts/60 Hz/13 Amps
  • Dimensions: 20“ W x 23-1/8” H x 11-5/16” D
  • Heating Area: 400 square feet
  • Cost to Operate: 1¢ /hour flames 9¢ /hour flames and heat
  • 6-foot electric cord, UL Listed
  • Thermal Overload Protector
  • Weight: 37.6 pounds
  • 1-year warranty provided; 90 days on parts

It is cool to the touch and children and pets will not be burned. Simply plug into a 3-prong grounded 120-Volt electrical outlet.

NOTE: The quiet fan-forced heater draws 13 Amps when on, when any other devices are plugged into the same circuit. Do not plug other devices into the outlet with the electric stove on it. It can cause a fuse to blow or circuit breaker to trip on what are usually 15 Amp circuits and this stove pulls 13 Amps. If you need an extension cord, be sure it is AWG compatible with the stove’s cord. This stove draws 1360 Watts when operating with the heating element on. A typical 15 Amp circuit will trip at 1800 Watts, so there isn’t much of a margin.

The compact size of the electric stove allows it to be easily moved to different rooms. Being electric, there are no ashes to clean, or chimneys and vents to deal with.

Authentic Flame Effect

The innovative electric fireplace from Dimplex has the world’s most realistic 3D flame effect that looks like real flames flickering with or without heat. The patented flame technology along with handcrafted logs makes the stove look even more real.

Superior Product Quality

The tough steel sides and the MDF top are of superior quality with a matte black finish ensuring durability for the electric stove. The handcrafted logs are used for the authentic look along with metallic highlights and door adornment showing this stove in its best light!

Easy to Set up and Operate

Remove the electric stove from the box. It is assembled and ready to plug in. It might have durable plastic legs to attach taking about 5 minutes. The stove is a breeze to operate with the included remote control. The heater disperses warm air low from the front. Put the included batteries into the remote, and you’re ready to go!

Safe to Use

A benefit of using an electric fireplace is it has a cord that plugs into a regular wall outlet. After you plug the fireplace in and turn it on, the lights create a realistic appearance of flames on a sculpted log. Since the flames are not real, there is no gas being pumped into the unit. That means you don’t have to worry about gas or smoke in your home. You’ll have the look and feel of a real fire but no worries of inhaling potentially toxic fumes.

The front glass is tempered and is always cool to touch, even when in operation making it safe for children and pets, since it poses no risk of burning or getting hurt. This electric stove produces no harmful carbon monoxide since there is no combustion from wood logs or gas, and it does not pollute the environment.

Excellent Design and Engineering

The thermostat control system saves energy and easy and the remote control system provides on-demand heat. The excellent design and engineering demonstrates this fact with the superior quality that satisfies customer needs. The quality fan confirms a noise-free are and with the efficient heat circulation for soothing warmth by the fire.

It is a lot of upkeep and maintenance to own a real fireplace.
That is another reason why an electric fireplace is an easier alternative. Because they don’t burn real wood, the maintenance requirements are significantly lower than other types of fireplaces. Also, there is no chimney to clean. All you do is turn it on when you want to and turn it off when you’re done. It’s that simple.

Final Thoughts

Customer reviews have given this electric stove 4.1 out of 5-stars and that is impressive. Cuddle up to your fire enjoying the moment with its dazzling flickering flames. You can run it without heat during warm times and with heat during cooler times. You can always have the flames without heat. When you operate the electric stove for the first time, you might get a strange odor and that will go away. If you want the crackling sound of real logs burning, you can buy a CD and play it on your player. Enjoy your elegant old-world charm with contemporary performance that will last you a lifetime.

Touchstone Onyx 50-inch Electric Wall-Mounted Fireplace Review

The bestselling fireplace on the market is the Touchstone Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace. This gorgeous and functional fireplace will be a powerful design element in your living room, family room, den, lower level, or office. It makes a great addition to any bedroom. You will be the envy of all your family and friends when they see the true-to-life flames embedded in a fiery stack of faux (false) logs and the surrounding onyx (black) or ivory frame. The LED (light emitting diodes) simulated flame appearance is fascinating and hypnotic and will be enjoyed with or without the heat for winter’s warmth and summer’s cool evenings. You will be free of the typical fire, smoky smell, ashes to clean out, and a smoke-filled room.

Fireplace Features

The wall-mount fireplace is gorgeous on a brick wall or drywall (sheetrock) panels. The fashionable up-to-date style is simple in its design to coordinate with your home décor. Set your flame at an understated glow or a full-flame setting using the remote. Let your mood set the tone for your pleasure. The realistic flames sit behind one piece of tempered glass with the appearance of an actual fireplace. The fireplace is able to display flames with heat or to display flames without any heat.

  • 5100 BTU heater/1500 Watts
  • Electric 110/120 Volts
  • 11 amps and up
  • 6-foot electric cord
  • LED lights
  • Onyx (black) or ivory finish
  • Metal and glass material
  • High- and low-heat settings
  • Full-featured remote control
  • Heats a 400-square-foot room
  • 5 flame settings
  • Remote control or the side of the unit for settings
  • Set the timer to turn off from 30 minutes to 8 hours later
  • Exclusive heat override switch enables fireplace to be recessed mounted
  • Recommended placement of fireplace: 24-inches below an 8-foot ceiling
  • Avoid mounting fireplace under a wall-mounted flat screen TV; limits heater use. The heat comes from the top of the unit and is not good for your TV when heater is on.

Fireplace Dimensions and Details

The efficient and well-designed Touchstone Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace has no venting requirements and does not need a chimney. It is ideal for placing in all rooms of your home to be aesthetically appealing. The fireplace is problem-free from the hazards of a real fire. Using no fossil fuel or wood, the fireplace produces no carbon monoxide emissions, toxins, pollutants, or chemical waste products and is eco-friendly. The air is directed from the top with a silent built-in fan for adequate air movement. The fan has low and high settings.

  • 4-inches wide, 21.6 inches high, 5.5-inches deep
  • Firebox dimensions for recessing unit: 38.75-inches wide, 18.75-inches high, 5-inches deep
  • Window view opening: 8.5-inches high x 37.75-inches wide
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Easy to install by one person
  • Mounting and installation is simple and hassle-free
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions
  • User’s Manual
  • Mounting bracket and 3 drywall screws
  • Position mounting bracket level and fireplace clips into the bracket.

Instructions and Care

  • It is not recommended for outdoor use or bathrooms. Keep away from water.
  • Vacuum and remove dust inside and out of the fireplace including the control compartment inside. Use a mild dishwashing liquid to clean the glass when it is cold. Use nothing abrasive that will scratch the surface.
  • When the flames appear uneven or dull, replace the light bulbs. Plug into its own outlet so not to overload the circuit that can cause a fire.
  • The fireplace includes a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Touchstone 50-inch Onyx electric wall mounted fireplace…


  • It features truly outstanding flame effects that are adjustable up to five levels
  • It is an extremely stylish, modern, and fashion-forward focal point
  • It is available in three different finishes: White, Black, and Mirror — This means that it matches any decor
  • It comes with a one-year warranty from Touchstone, the manufacturer


  • The heating function, although adequate, is not completely outstanding
  • It is a relatively heavy unit, weighing at 46 pounds, and needs to be mounted securely
  • Consideration must be given to the plug and the cord. This could be seen as being an eyesore

Final Thoughts

It costs about $0.25 per hour to run the fireplace on the highest flame and heat setting. The fireplace does not ship outside the U.S.A. or Canada at this time, because the unit is only rated for use with 110/120 Volt outlets. The fireplace is not waterproof and is not meant to be used outdoors or in a small bathroom.

The 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners & The Materials And Design

In the dog days of summer, the unrelenting heat can become unbearable. Many apartments and other small spaces do not have the room or ability to contain a full size regular air conditioner. And for many people just having a few fans, is not going to cut it as far as controlling the temperature in their apartment. But there is a solution in the portable air conditioner.

For older people, air conditioners are an absolute necessity in the hot weather. No one wants to be caged up in extremely hot weather without relief no matter who they are. Portable air conditioners are here for everyone to enjoy. Many of them are available at bargain prices. They will fit in any space with an electrical source.

In order to get a better idea of what kind of portable air conditioners might be right for you, we put together a guide to the 10 best portable air conditioners in 2018 that are available online for your convenience.

Comparison Table

The Criteria We Used to Rate our Products

animated aircon

Image Source: Pexels

In order to give you an honest and unbiased review of in the rating of our products, we scoured the internet to find out what other people were saying about them.  We found a ton of other reviews and testimonials.

We analyzed reports about consumer product satisfaction based on manufacturer reputation and reports of the products specifications and information about the materials and design involved in manufacturing these products.

Products are rated based on quality workmanship and customer service, and general satisfaction.

We took a close look at the claims of the product inside how they stood up to real life. And then we developed an overall rating based on 5 stars.

So, let’s take a look at those products that we are reviewing here below. All of the portable air conditioners listed are high-quality products that are suitable for use by anyone.

The Top 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners

LG LP1217GSR 12,000 BTU Graphite Gray Portable Air Conditioner - Rooms...
  • Your purchase includes One LG LP1217GSR 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for Rooms up to 400 Sq. Ft - in Graphite...
  • Air conditioner dimensions: 16.93” W x 27.36” H x 12.80” D. | Weight 67.2 lbs
  • Performance: 12,000 BTU. Dehumidification: 5.5 pts/hr. | Est. cooling area of 400-sq.ft. | Noise Front dB (A) (High/Low)...





Many of the consumers will review this product had glowing things to say about it. It was received favorably by the vast majority of consumers. People were generally satisfied with everything about this product overall. It was reported that it cost something like 53 cents a day to operate. There were no negative reviews that could be found. Customer service in shipping also seems to be acceptable to the consumers.  

Here are some of the features of this product:

  • Provides cold air to rooms, up to 300 feet inside
  • 12,000 British thermal units
  • Dehumidification rate is 1.2 pints per hour
  • Dehumidifier mixes cool, dry air with incoming warm air  
Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner,...
  • Wi-Fi ready connected room air conditioner with Frigidaire smart app for mobile operation
  • 12,000 BTUs Cools upto a 550 square foot room with 3 pints per hour dehumidification. Noise Level dB- 53
  • 360-Degree airflow circulates cool air in an upwards, continuous spiral ensuring it reaches every corner of your room...





Air conditioner does not need a window to operate in. It is said that it cools areas larger than the rated 550 feet. Consumers reported that it was a high-quality unit that does not make very much noise. Overall satisfaction was high, and people said that they picked it after shopping around for awhile and were extremely pleased. Customer service had no reported issues or concerns. All customers were generally satisfied with this product.  

Some of the features of this model include:

  • Ready to be connected to Wi-Fi
  • 12,000 BTU effectively cools a 550-foot room
  • 3 fan speeds, 3 cooling speeds with a 24 hour on/off timer
  • Includes 360-degree air flow
  • Energy saver mode, auto cool function, and sleep mode
  • Frigidaire Smart App provides remote control
Whynter ARC-14SH 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner,...
  • 14,000 BTU (ASHRAE) / 9,000 BTU (SACC) cooling capacity
  • Award Winning: 1. Good Housekeeping's "2020 Best Overall" and "can cool down a room faster than other portable units" 2....
  • Dual hose operation; Cools up to a 500 square feet space(ambient temperature and humidity may influence optimum...





Most consumers report a high degree of satisfaction with this unit. It was stated that it was easy to assemble and install. It was said to produce a good amount cold air. Most people were extremely pleased with their product. And had tried other ones in were not as satisfied with the rest. Recommended by consumers for areas where light use of the unit was needed. There were no real complaints to speak of. Most consumers recommended this product to others. Customer service had no negative reports or glaring concerns.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • 3 operating modes include air conditioner dehumidifier and fan
  • Dimensions; 19 inches wide x 16 inches deep x 35.5 inches high
  • Washable pre-filter and carbon air filter design
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Remote control
  • Thermostatic control with digital readout
  • 14,000 BTU’s of power
  • Capacity of dehumidifier is 101 pints per day
  • Noise level <56 (dbA)
  • Casters make unit portable
EdgeStar AP12000S Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier and Fan...
  • 12,000 BTU (ASHRAE-128 Standard) / 5,500 BTU (DOE 2017 Standard) Cools up to 425 Square Feet (depends on heat load)
  • 3 fan speeds; dehumidifier only mode option (90 pints a day); includes a washable pre-filter and one replaceable carbon...
  • Patented Auto-Drain System - exhausts most or all condensate automatically except under extreme humidity situation





The majority of consumers reviewing this product reported favorable remarks. People remarked upon the cooling capacity and ease of installation. This air conditioner was reported to be quiet and reliable. There are very few negative reports overall. Almost everyone reported excellent experiences with customer service. One of the better air conditioners on the market from what people were saying.

Some of the features included in this unit:

  • Patented auto drain system
  • Adjustable digital thermostat
  • Dehumidifier rate is 90 pints per day
  • 12,000 BTU cools up to a room up to 425 square feet depending on heat factor
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Replaceable carbon filter and pre-filter kit
  • Remote control
  • Caster wheels
SPT WA-1420E: 14,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling only
  • Four operational modes: Cooling / Dehumidifying / Fan
  • 14,000btu cooling power
  • Digital temperature display and remote control





Overall reviews were overwhelmingly positive for this air conditioner. Most people reported that it was easy to use and install and provided a great degree of cooling in exceptionally hot temperatures. The dehumidifier was said really do its job. Works well during power outages, it was reported. There is no reported issues or concerns with customer service on this product. Most people seem to be pretty much pleased with it overall.

Some of the features included in this model:

  • Cool spaces up to 550-7 hundred square feet
  • Has 14,000 BTU’s of cooling power
  • Contains R410 refrigerant
  • 3 operating modes; dehumidifier, cooling, and fan
Koldfront 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner PAC802W
  • Temperature Range: 62° - 88°F; Dehumidification Capacity: 61 pints/day; Auto Swing louvers; Exhausts most if not all...
  • Cools up to 250 sq. ft. (depending on heat load); Window kit width: 26.5" min, 48.4" max; exhaust hose extends up to...
  • Control panel with digital display; Three (3) speed fan; Sleep function; Washable pre-filter; 24-hour timer; Remote...





Most consumers who reviewed this product had very positive things to say about it. Encouraging remarks indicated that it was easy to install and did a great job and cooling large spaces. Remote control was said to work properly and be responsive. Many people remarked that it was ideal for small spaces. There were no reported issues with customer service. Overall impression based on consumer reviews was this was a quality product and did a great job with minor problems.

This price includes the following features:

  • Control panel features digital display
  • Condensation goes out in exhaust
  • 8,000 BTU’s cools up to 250 square feet rooms
  • 3 speed fan
  • Sleep function
  • Washable pre-filter
  • Dehumidifier capacity produces up to 61 pints per day
  • Auto swing louvers
  • Exhaust hose extends up to 48 inches
  • Includes remote control
Haier HPN12XCM Portable Air Conditioner, 12000-BTU
  • Cools rooms 350-525 sq. ft.
  • Full Function Remote
  • Time/Temperature Display





Most of the consumers who did review this product were ultimately pleased. There were some comments on how it was slightly louder than desired, however. It was reported that its ultimate functionality was exceptional. I was said to be cool and large rooms sufficiently. Some ingenious consumers used plexiglass as a frame for the hose in the window, so they can see light through it during the daytime. There were no negative reports for customer service.

Some of the features in this unit include:

  • Built in timer
  • 3 fan speeds for optimal air flow
  • 12,000 BTU’s effectively cool rooms up to 500 square feet
  • Dehumidifier extracts up to 100 pints per day
  • Remote control included

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5, 000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air...
  • 5,000 BTU mini-compact air conditioner for window-mounted installation uses standard 115V electrical outlet (Window...
  • Quickly cools a room up to 150 square feet with dehumidification up to 1.1 pints per hour
  • Mechanical rotary controls, 2 cool speeds, 2 fan speeds, and 2-way air direction.Window Width: 23 inches - 36 inches





Most consumers were overwhelmingly satisfied with this product. Some described the air conditioner as a bare-bones, no frills product. Some of the customers reported it was good for small spaces and ideal for guests who are visiting. There was no real issues or problems or concerns reported by most of the consumers surveyed. Customer service issues seem to be non-existent. Consumers were well pleased by the product generally.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • Uses a 115 Volt installation
  • 5000 BTU’s of power
  • Rapidly cools a 150-foot room
  • Starts quickly with low power
  • 2 fan speeds and 2 fan speeds
  • Rotary mechanical controls
  • Dehumidifies at a rate of 1.1 pints per hour
  • Includes window mounting kit
Black + Decker BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner, 8,000 BTU
  • QUIET & POWERFUL - Our 5,000 BTU DOE (8,000 BTU ASHRAE) compact air conditioner (16.5 x 11.5 x 26 in,) will keep you...
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL ROOMS - This floor-standing portable AC unit provides steady, fast, effective cooling for rooms up to...
  • SIMPLE & QUICK TO INSTALL – Just wheel this portable air conditioner into any room with a double hung or sliding...





Many people reported favorably about the performance and power of this product. The unit was said to be ideal for small spaces but not large ones. Installation was easy for most people. The rear vent has to be clear for proper use. The instruction manual for this model was said to be confusing by some consumers. There were no reported issues for customer service. Most people like this air conditioner and spoke in glowing terms.

Includes the following features:

  • Comfortably cools rooms up to 150 square feet
  • Reliable and powerful vertical motion air flow
  • LED digital display
  • Slide out filter
  • 3 operating modes; fan, cooling, and dehumidifier
  • Maximum exhaust hose length 4 feet, 11 inches
  • Easy window kit installation
  • Caster wheels make unit portable
Honeywell MN10CESWW Environmental Appliance, Rooms Up To 350-450 Sq....
  • [POWERFUL, SAFE & DEPENDABLE] Cools rooms up to 350-450 square feet. Thermal Overload protection for added safety &...
  • [EASY INSTALL & MAINTENANCE] Washable Filter designed to protect from dust & hair to extend product life & performance....
  • [DESIGNED FOR COMFORT] Enjoy simple digital control with 3 fan speeds, 24 hour energy saving timer & remote control...





Overall satisfaction was generally good as rated by most customers. However, there were some complaints buy some individuals, mostly centered around customer service. The quality of the air conditioner seems to be acceptable the most consumers. For those who did encounter problems with their units, customer service was reported to be below par. Most customers did have favorable ratings to give this product, however.

Some of the features of this product include:

  • Full function remote control
  • Rate of dehumidification 70 pints within 24 hours
  • Digital LCD display comes with feather touch controls
  • No drip design utilizes an auto-evaporation system
  • 10,000 BTU’s of power cools rooms up to 350 square feet
  • No bucket design

What to Know When you Purchase a Portable Air Conditioner

During the warmer months, it may be preferable to get a portable air conditioner versus installing central air or larger bulky units.

You should know how large an area you’re going to cool and get an air conditioner designed to handle that much space. You should also be aware of the other features of the air conditioner and if they are desirable for your specific needs.

In order to get the most out of a portable air conditioner, you have to remember that remaining cool is the primary objective. You should get one that has enough power to handle not only the size of the room that you need cool, but the temperature of the air in your location.

Careful evaluation of the product specifications of the models that you are looking at should yield enough information to be able to make an educated, informed decision. When selecting the right air conditioner for your needs make sure to check product warranty and guarantee information as well.

If you are considering an air conditioner based on financial reasons, you need to calculate how much energy is being used by the air conditioner to operate it as well as the cost of the air conditioner itself. Some air conditioners cost more to operate than others.

If you were going to be using your air conditioner to dehumidify or just blow air sometimes with fam features, make sure to get models that include these features. Identifying specific features that may work well for you may factor into your final decision.

Featured Image Source: Pexels

How Long Does A Cord Of Wood Last? Find Out Here

If you own a wood-burning fireplace, chances are you already know the work that goes into keeping it burning day after day. Whether your fireplace is for the occasional romantic night at home or for heating your house on a full-time basis, it can require a large amount of cut wood to maintain a consistent temperature. 

But how much wood is too much, and how do you know if you don't have enough? For that matter, how exactly is firewood measured? 

Firewood, after all, is not uniform, so every piece varies in weight, length, and width, making it hard to know exactly how much heat you can get out of any given amount. Luckily, there is a system in place for measuring firewood, and it includes estimating how long each set amount will last a given user. 

This estimation is called a “cord,” and,  as we'll see, it is an easy and effective way to figure out how much wood you have and how much use you can expect out of it. So, what is a cord and how long does a cord of wood last? Many have asked this same question, and we're going to provide the best and most accurate answer in the following sections.

The Short Answer: What Is A Cord? How Long Does A Cord Of Wood Last?

wood pieces

image source: Pexels

Mainly, a “cord” of wood refers to a dry volume of product, equaling 128 cubic feet. 

As mentioned before, wood is not uniform from piece to piece, so general terms like “well-stacked” and “tightly-stowed” are used to refer to the use of space within that 128 cubic feet. In general, a cord will be four feet high, eight feet wide, and four feet deep, and be stacked so that all the wood pieces are parallel, aligned, and touching. 

As for how long a cord of wood lasts, the most accepted answer—barring the many factors we will discuss later— is two months. Now, as we'll see, that is only a general answer, and there are dozens of ways this number can be affected.

The Long Answer: Factors That Affect A Cord Of Wood's Usefulness

wood pieces

image source: Pexels

We've already established that a “cord” of wood is a standardized measurement, which means it is used both by wood suppliers and those who cut their firewood from nearby trees, logs, and other sources. 

The measurement of a standard cord is four x eight x four, and assumed that all the wood inside is touching, parallel, and aligned. 

However, there are still lots of factors that will affect how much wood is in a given cord, and how long it will last. They include:

  • The type of wood 
  • Packing density 
  • Split wood vs. whole logs
  • The size of the area you plant to heat
  • Weather conditions in the area
  • If the wood is for heating, cooking, or both

In the following discussion, we'll touch on each one of these and see if we can provide a more precise answer to the question. 

The Type Of Wood

wood pieces

image source: Pe​​​​xels

There are hundreds of types of wood available for burning, and each one has its pros, cons, and specific uses. From a general standpoint, however, it can be assumed that wood from hard, dense trees will burn more slowly than that from softer trees.  On the other hand, softwoods burn hot and fast, providing near instant relief from the cold, whereas hardwood takes longer to get going. 

Examples of hardwood include:

  • Beech
  • Hickory
  • Walnut

Examples of softwoods include:

  • Cedar
  • Red Pine
  • Fir 

The Packing Density

wood pieces

image source: Pexels

Those who live in areas with snow or heavy rain will also have to be sure to cover the wood adequately, as wet wood and dry, seasoned wood provide very different results when it comes time to burn.

Other Important About Cords Of Firewood

wood pieces

image source: Pexels

If you're entirely new to firewood, there are a few additional points with which you might want to familiarize yourself. Including: 

Proper Seasoning: When one first cuts wood, it boasts a very high water content which can make it extremely hard to ignite. The process of "seasoning" allows this water to evaporate, and allows the firewood to burn more effectively and efficiently. This process, however, can take at least six months, so be sure to inquire about when any wood your buying was cut. 

The Storage Site: Where you decide to stack your cord is nearly as important as what type of wood you choose. Not only should the stacking site be convenient, but it should also be relatively dry and covered to protect the seasoning process. Under no circumstances should the wood be stacked against your home, as this could lead to a termite infestation. 

Consider Seasoning Yourself:  The early bird gets the worm, and those who want to season the wood themselves will often pay a much lower price than those who buy lumber that is already seasoned. Just be sure to purchase wood at least six months ahead of the time you'll need it, and to keep it adequately covered throughout the entire drying process.

Expiration Dates: There is a point where wood will become too dry and too brittle to use. At this time, it's best to discard it instead of wasting energy burning it. In general, that happens roughly four to five years after cutting the wood. If you do manage to have it for this long, it is best simply to chip it down for mulch or ground cover.


So, how long does a cord of wood last? 

Unfortunately, there can't be a simple, perfect answer. However, if you consider the above factors and do some rough trial and error, it should be relatively easy to estimate your monthly wood needs and then translate that into a required stockpile. Once you get some experience, adjustments can be made from year to year, depending on the factors that affect you most. 

If there's no time to perform this sort of evaluation, it's fair to estimate that one well-stacked cord of hard firewood heating a small house will last approximately two months. From this estimate, newcomers have a reliable place to begin and the most basic information they need to stay warm throughout the winter.

The Best Fireplace Grate to Consider Investing In

A fireplace may look appealing in your home, but it's also an opportunity to set up a fire for warmth during the colder months. Electric furnaces may be an option, but for those who want to burn real wood, a little bit more maintenance is necessary to get the best results.

One of the things you can do to help your fire burn stronger and longer is to invest in a fireplace grate. These products can vary in size, shape, and design, and there is a bit of consideration you need to put into selecting a grate so that it matches your fireplace. But even with that in mind, some products are better than others—and we're here with your best fireplace grate guide to help you!

Comparison Table

Fireplace Grate FAQs

fire heat dangerous darkness

Image Via pixabay

1. What do fireplace grates do?

2. What material is best for a fireplace grate?

3. Are grate heaters like fireplace grates?

4. What should I look for in a fireplace grate?

How We Reviewed

fire on the fireplace

Image Via flickr

While you will have to take the time to pick out a fireplace grate that best fits your fireplace shape and burning plans, that will only limit the options on the market so much. That's why we carefully looked at each of the products on our list to ensure that whatever your fireplace's needs are, you'll have a quality grate that will stand up to the task and is worth the cost.

Overall Price Range of Fireplace Grates

  • Heritage Products Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate – Steel – Not suitable for coal – 21-inch - $$
  • Pleasant Hearth Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grate – Steel – Not suitable for coal – 30-inch - $$
  • Grate Wall of Fire Model M-G Fireplace Grate – Cast iron – Not suitable for coal – 26-inch - $$$
  • Panacea Cast Iron Fireplace Grate – Cast Iron – Suitable for coal – 24-inch - $
  • Landmann Steel Fireplace Grate – Steel – Suitable for coal – 30-inch - $
  • Uniflame C-1546 Hex Bar Fireplace Grate – Steel – Suitable for coal – 24-36-inch - $$$
  • Mr. Flame Self Feeding Cradle Grate – Cast iron – Suitable for coal – 24-inch - $$$
  • Vestal Manufacturing Cast Iron Fireplace Grate – Cast Iron – Suitable for coal – 27-inch - $$$
  • Hy-C Liberty Foundry Cast Iron Fireplace Grate – Cast Iron – Suitable for coal – 27-inch - $$$
  • Panacea Products Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Grate – Cast Iron – Not suitable for coal – 18-inch - $

Depending on where you shop and what you look for in a fireplace grate, the cost can vary. Inexpensive models can have prices close to fifty dollars, while other models can easily cost one or even two-hundred dollars. Generally, a higher cost grate will use more robust materials, which will last over time, becoming a worthwhile investment.

Top Picks for the Best Fireplace Grate

Without further delay, let's delve into the top contenders for the title of best fireplace grate!

SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate - Made in The USA (21...
  • 21 inches wide
  • 14 inches deep
  • Heavy duty all-steel construction

This steel fireplace grate is one option that will likely be more durable than other products made of the same material. It's suitable for stacking up massive piles of logs without buckling, though the gaps in the bottom of the grate won't serve you well when it comes to supporting twigs or pieces of coal.

This grate is twenty-one inches wide and fourteen inches deep. The design also tapers toward the back, making it possible to fit most fireplace structures, and the raised edges on the front and back keep logs from rolling off in those directions.

While this grate uses durable, heavy-duty steel to stand up to regular use, the finish over the steel does have a problem of peeling rather quickly, so keep that in mind.

Pleasant Hearth - 3/4" Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grates, Black,...
  • 8 bars
  • Heavy duty steel construction with 3/4" solid bars
  • Lifts firewood off the chimney floor allowing air to circulate

Another steel option for your fireplace is this grate offering from Pleasant Hearth. You'll see many similarities between this and the Heritage Products model, as they both have front and back raised edges to keep logs from rolling free and more significant gaps between the bars, which means it can support large pieces of wood but not smaller parts.

However, Pleasant Hearth has used a heat-resistant finish that will allow the grate to look clean even after extensive use. The company has a lifetime warranty on this product, which is assuring that it should last even through heavy use.

This hearth is a bit larger with measurements of thirty by 15.2 by 7 inches, though it should fit in most average sized wood burning fireplaces.

Model M-6 High Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate 26" Wide, 15"...
  • Eliminates fireplace smoke problems and increases fireplace heat output.
  • Outlasts typical flat grates several times over!
  • Tens of thousands of units have been sold across the U.S.A.

This grate has a slightly different design than the others we've covered so far. Instead of providing a complete platform to rest your logs on, Grate Wall of Fire's offering has a taller design that lines up with the back end of your fireplace and uses the height of the front facing bars to keep logs from dangerously rolling around.

While the design may be a bit different than what we've shown off so far, it does help to eliminate smoke issues. It's also stylish, with decorative cast iron decorations on the upper spokes. If you don't like them or they don't fit the décor of your home, they're easy to remove.

The cast iron material makes this grate highly durable, too. The M-6 model is twenty-six inches wide and fifteen inches tall, but Grate Wall of Fire also has other sizes available if these measurements aren't right for your fireplace.

Panacea 15424 Cast Iron Fire Grate, Black, 24-Inch
  • Cast iron fire grate
  • Smaller pieces of burned wood fall to the fireplace floor through the openings in the grate, creating a bed of hot coals...
  • Raising the fire off the floor of your fireplace not only creates a hotter fire but helps draft the smoke and fumes out...

One of the features we mentioned as common among cast iron grates is evident in what Panacea has to offer: there are much smaller gaps between the bars, making it possible to burn smaller pieces of wood and use coal along the way. Anything too small to burn effectively or ash will be the only things that fall through, making it easier to clean.

While many other fireplace grates can be on the higher range of the price spectrum, this one is a little under fifty dollars, making it a good deal if you don't have a lot of free space in your budget. Even so, the cast iron material will hold up to extended use, though the overall design is a bit blocky and may not fit in with your décor.

This grate is 24 inches wide, which will fit into many fireplaces, and all edges are slightly raised to prevent wood and coal from falling out over the sides.

Landmann USA 97306 1/2" Steel Fireplace Grate with Ember Retainer,...
  • Landmann USA Fireplace grates are made of solid square bar steel and made in the USA. This fireplace grate includes an...
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes Ember Retainer

This grate is an example of a steel model that still has mesh beneath the bars, allowing for you to burn smaller pieces of wood and use coal and embers, with mostly ash slipping through the bottom. This design choice means that you have the opportunity to still use firestarters without needing to invest in a more substantial, cast-iron design.

Even though that can be an advantage for some, note that the lighter weight of the steel in this grate means that it won't last as long as more substantial models, though it will be easier to move around. The welding is also excellent, so you won't have to worry about the model falling apart.

Combining a decent build with a lower price, this grate is perfect for anyone who doesn't plan on extensively using it and only occasionally starting a fire; those who plan on heavily using their fireplaces should invest in a sturdier grate.

Uniflame, C-1552 36 in. x 36 in. Hex Bar Grate
  • 24 in. hexagon bar grate
  • Keep logs from rolling
  • Allows for increased airflow

This hexagonal-shaped fireplace grate is another steel model that's on the sturdier side. It accomplishes this by using heavier steel. This design does make it inconvenient to move around if necessary, but it will last much longer than lighter weight models.

The different design style makes it fit well into modern home designs, and you can also count on all the surrounding edges to have curled ends, securing all the wood inside. The design is 27 inches long, making it suitable for use in more massive fireplaces without making you sacrifice overall space.

While the build of this grate is quality, the packaging that it comes in isn't suitable for a product of this weight, which means you might have issues ordering the grate offline.

If you are considering investing in a more expensive grate, then this offering from Mr. Flame can provide an option while also showing off a different type of design. The cradle's build not only looks different but doesn't entirely rely on bars. Even without a grate, it can allow for the use of coal and smaller pieces of wood thanks to the smaller gaps in the center of the grate.

Another nice feature of the Mr. Flame fireplace grate is that you can adjust it into three different positions: back, front, or cradle. Depending on your choice, you can help improve heat circulation, build more massive fires, or even allow for ash to fall through more efficiently. Adjusting the position can also allow the grate to work best in your fireplace.

This cradle grate is 24 inches wide, and the height can depend on how you position it.

If you want a simplistic design that will get the job done and last for some time, then Vestal Manufacturing's offering might make the right choice if it fits your aesthetic. The design has raised front and back edges, but the sides are open so that you don't have to limit the size of the logs that you use.

Like other cast iron designs, this grate is highly durable, and the raised edges don't stick out much, which may be the right design you need This company also manufactures their products in the US, which is excellent news if you pay attention to where your products originate. The price is also affordable.

The only thing to look out for is that heavy use will turn the black finish on this grate white over time.

HY-C Liberty Foundry G800-27-BX Fire Grate, 27" W x 15" D x 7" H,...
  • Measures 27” (front) x 23” (back) x 15” (depth) with a 4” cast-on leg clearance
  • Crafted with heavy-duty cast iron, Designed with long-term durability in mind equipping you with long-term performance -...
  • Provides maximum airflow under the fire to encourage efficient burning while conquering frustrations caused by poorly...

Another option that's similar in many ways to the previous grate is this product from Hy-C Liberty Foundry. The basket style will securely hold onto logs, and the tapered design that's 27 inches in front and 23 in the back means it will fit into many different fireplace styles.

The cast-iron build makes this grate very durable, and the grid-style allows you to use charcoal and smaller starter materials, though it has some challenges with paper use. Since the unit comes in one piece, you can use it right out of the packaging.

While this grate is overall excellent, some customers have found that it wobbles slightly due to uneven legs, so plan for that possibility before you order.

No products found.

The last fireplace grate on our list is another Panacea product, but this one has a focus on fitting into smaller fireplaces. At eighteen inches in length, the bars in this grate have wide gaps between, so you'll need to use only logs, even though this is a cast-iron model.

Since it is smaller, it won't handle heavy weights well, so you'll need to pay attention to how you build your fires. However, since it's on the lighter side, you can move it between your hearth and outside as you need to, and the material will hold up to extensive use.

The Verdict

So after looking over all these products, which is the best fireplace grate? We want to call Uniflame's Hex Bar Fireplace Grate the winner, especially since they have various sizes available to fit your home best. Of course, your needs and fire use may vary, so there's that to consider. If you choose one of the options on this list, you'll be in good shape!

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