What is the Best Fireplace Screen You Should Consider?

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A fireplace screen can alter the entire look of your home without taking away the alluring effects of the fireplace. For most homeowners, fireplace screens were merely decorative, but they have more functional purposes than that. Fireplaces come with significant safety concerns, especially for a household with kids, and screens provide the necessary protection.

A fireplace screen will keep the sparks from flying all over the place during the cold season when the hearth needs to be functional most of the days. The best screens provide the required safety while complementing your interior décor at the same time. Fireplace screens are available in a host of designs and materials to cater to the evolving needs of the modern day consumer. This list looks at the different features of some of the most popular products, according to customer reviews.

Top 6 Best Fireplace Screen Options to Choose from

#1. Panacea Products 15951 3-Panel Arch

Panacea panel arch fireplace screen

The simplicity of this screen is one of its top selling points. It functions well, covering the fireplace without obscuring the beauty. You can easily see the flames through the powder coated surface. The finishing gives it substantial durability. There is no assembly required, just unpack it and place in front of the hearth.

You can stretch the screen effortlessly to about 40,” and it will still provide cover without wobbling. The screen can blend in with just about any type of home decoration. When using the fireplace, it can get warm but not hot, which means no burn incidents for your babies or pets. Wal-Mart, TrueValue, and eBay are other online stores where you can find the 3-panel arch scene from Panacea Products.

#2. Pleasant Hearth Classic Fireplace Screen

a Pleasant hearth classic fireplace screen

Pleasant Hearth has a reputation for quality fireplace accessories, and this fireplace screen is no different. When searching for a fireplace screen that will accommodate different hearths, then this is one. The cover stretches 52″ in width and 31″ in length. It has side panels that you can set at a certain angle to get better stability on the screen.

These panels have handles that allows users to carry the screen from one part of the home to another without too much trouble. The product allows you to create an effective barrier for children and pets without being an eye sore. For an average of $30-$40, you get a lightweight fireplace screen that folds easily when you have to store it.

#3. Style Selections 3-Panel Arched Twin

a Style selections screen in front of a fireplace

This fireplace screen from Style Selections is just what you need if you are aiming for a minimalist interior décor. It offers a clear view of the fire, so your home feels warmer, especially during winter. The screen has an arched gate design with magnetized doors that remain shut when lighting a fire.

There are stylish handles on the door, so it is easy to open and close. Its side panels are constructed to hold four fireplace tools (two on each side). The front of the screen has legs that guarantee stability when using it. For an average of $70, you can purchase this deceptively simple but highly functional screen.

#4. Uniflame Single Panel Curved Pewter

an Uniflame pewter fireplace screen

If you are looking for something more unconventional, this single panel fireplace screen can be a good option. With most fireplace screens being made of wrought iron, you may want a different product for your indoor hearth. The curved design gives the cover a streamlined look that is very classy. There isn’t much going on with the screen, just the plain pewter finish on the steel frame.

At a width of 41″, the fireplace screen is suitable for several types of fireplaces. You get a dark heavy-duty mesh that is transparent enough to give you a great view of the hearth as it burns. The approximate price for this Uniflame single-panel curved screen is $100-160, depending on where you buy it.

#5. Amagabeli 3 Panel Pewter Wrought Iron

an Amagabeli Panel pewter with beautiful details

This 3-panel fireplace screen is both affordable and functional. The wrought iron arch design gives this screen a stylish appearance that will suit your hearth, whether indoors or outdoors. When fully expanded, the screen can cover a 50″ fireplace, and it stretches 22.75″ in height. The screen is solid enough to prevent those popping embers from leaving the hearth.

It is light enough that you can move it around without struggling. Because the mesh on the screen is wrought iron, it spreads heat better than glass such that when the fire is on, it only gets lukewarm. You can fit the screen nicely around fire inserts and get the most out of your fireplace.

#6. Plow & Hearth Stained Glass Fire Screen

a stained glass fireplace screen

Although it falls into the luxurious range at about $200, this fireplace screen offers your home everything it needs. For one, the quality of Plow and Hearth products is unquestionable given their reputation. Then there is the detailing of the screen, which includes stained glass with an amber and crimson flower in the middle. Frosted and seeded glass surrounds it, and that gives the screen durability.

The design is unique to Plow and Hearth, which can match any number of interior themes. The screen covers 38 inches in width and 31 in height. You get a sturdy wrought iron frame that supports a single door. The door closes and opens to add wood. It has front and back supports, which makes it perfect for a home with kids and pets who may try to knock it over.

Bottom Line

Finding the right fireplace screen is as vital as any other hearth accessories in your home. Besides reducing heat escape during the winter season, a screen guarantees that you can enjoy the warmth without fretting over sparks landing on furnishings. Additionally, you can ensure that children and pets don’t climb into the hearth when it’s not in use. The best fireplace screens mean different things to various homeowners.

Besides the quality of the products, a buyer may look at how well the fireplace screen fits into the existing decor, its stability when erected or design. For some, it’s just about finding the right-priced fireplace screen. Whatever your priorities are, aim for a fireplace screen that keeps your hearth protected and doesn’t get too hot.

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