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Top 8 Best Fireplace Video Suggestions for a Homey Touch in 2018

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A fireplace video is a quick and easy way to transform your living space. While many home users view fireplace videos around the holidays, these programs can enhance your space year round. Playing a fireplace video in the background is a great way to relax and enjoy a quiet evening at home.

A fireplace video can be an ideal way for a family to enjoy the soothing sounds of a hearth fire while avoiding the maintenance and expense of a real fireplace. Selecting the best fireplace video for your needs can be daunting due to the number of options. This article provides a review of the eight best fireplace videos to simplify your search. These are ranked by popularity to help you find the best fireplace video for your viewing pleasure.

8. Slow TV: National Firewood Night

This is the best fireplace video for a quirky change of pace. Part of a series of relaxing programs from a Norwegian television network, this program begins with instructions on how to lay a fire. The fire is laid on a traditional large stone hearth and is left to burn, providing an atmosphere of warmth and homey comfort.

The video is a full six hour-long experience featuring the laying and burning down of several hearth fires in a row. Some viewers may not appreciate that there are people present in the video. Others may also find the Norwegian narration and English subtitles distracting. On the other hand, the video streams free on Netflix.

7. The Yule Log: Christmas by the Fireplace

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Released in 2008, this video combines traditional Christmas songs with a fast, crackling wood fire. The soundtrack can be customized for each playback. The options are Christmas music alone, Christmas music and crackling wood or crackling wood alone.

The video includes some zooming in to view details. As a result, viewers who prefer a single viewpoint may not enjoy this video as much. Some viewers also noted that the video looks distorted on a large HDTV. The current price on Amazon is $21.39.

6. White Noise - Fireplace: 8 Hours for Sleep, Meditation & Focus

This video includes eight hours of a crackling wood fire. It is marketed as a sleep and relaxation aid. The fire is laid in a hearth and gives the view of a full fireplace with grate, not just a fire. The video does not have background music, only the natural crackling sound. This video streams for free on Amazon Prime.

5. The Best Fireplace Video - Relaxing Fire Sounds

This 2017 video features a close up view of a crackling gas fireplace. It is 4 hours long and has no musical soundtrack, only the soothing fire sounds. The colors of the gas fire provide visual appealing. Since the gas is the element that fuels the fire, The Best Fireplace Video – Relaxing Fire Sounds does not show the gradual burning-down of the wood. This omission may turn off some lovers of a wood fire. This video streams free on Amazon Prime.

4. Fireplace DVD - Fireplace XXL

Released in 2015, this is a 2-disc set with two different fireplace programs. The videos feature a classical soundtrack which can be turned off, leaving only the natural sounds of the fire. The videos are shot in HD for the best picture quality. The first video is zoomed out far enough so that the entire fireplace is visible. The second disc zooms in more closely. Some viewers found the picture quality of the second disc to be disappointing. The run time is 1 hour, 40 minutes.

This DVD is currently available on Amazon for $14.95 US.

3. Fire DVD Shot in HD

The video contains eight fireplace scenes ranging from outdoor fires to an Italian fireplace. Some viewers may not appreciate the changes in scenery. Nonetheless, the creation should appeal to those looking for more variety.

Each video can be set to loop or the entire video can be played in sequence. The video has several soundtrack options, including natural fire sounds with outdoor sounds in some scenes, piano music, and traditional holiday music. The DVD is currently available for $12.99 on Amazon.

2. Fireplace for Your Home Classic Edition

Released in 2011, this Blu-Ray is shot in full HD for a crisp and clear picture. The video features a traditional wood fire that burns down naturally over time. It comes with background music. Nonetheless, it is possible to turn this off and enjoy the sounds of the fire only. The program is one hour long.

The Blu-Ray is currently priced at $9.97 US. The same video is also available on Netflix and Amazon Prime, though the streaming versions do not include auto-play or the ability to alter the background sounds.

1. Fireplace 4K: Crackling Birchwood from Fireplace for Your Home

pile of birch wood logs for fire

This video provides a change from traditional log fires and shows burning birchwood. Over time, the logs burn down naturally. Since this is a streaming video, there are no alternate sound options, only the natural fireplace sounds. This is the best fireplace video in terms of streaming quality, shot in full 4K HD. It has a 3-hour run-time.

This video is free to stream on Netflix. On Amazon Video, it can be rented for 7 days for $3.99 and purchased for $19.99.

In Conclusion

A wide variety of fireplace videos are available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and on streaming services. Each video has its own special features to appeal to different types of viewers. In this review, lovers of fireplace videos can find the perfect program to suit their tastes.

Try these programs in your home and let us know which you consider the best fireplace video.

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