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Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Fireplaces to Consider for Your Home

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A wall mounted fireplace is attached to your wall while in use. These fireplaces are space efficient, their contemporary design improves your room’s aesthetics, and they are easy to use. Are you planning to buy a wall mounted fireplace to keep your room warm? Below we have reviewed some of the best fireplaces that you should consider. We have arranged our picks starting from the most expensive to the most affordable. Read our review to choose one that is suitable for you. You can purchase them from online shops such as Amazon.

10 Popular Wall Mounted Fireplace Options

1. Gibson Living GL2050WS Sydney Pebble Recessed Wall Mounted Fireplace

a Gibison Sydney Pebble electric fireplace
This wall-mounted fireplace from Gibson Living features a sleek design, and an innovative Pebble styled flame, which makes it an attractive showpiece for your interior space. You can adjust this wall mounted fireplace into high, low or no heat settings.

The standard package of this product comes with a wall mounted unit to help you fix it and a remote control. Its automatic shut-off option lets you control the duration you want it to run. It costs $429. 99.

2. Touchstone Onyx Wall Mounted Fireplace

an electric fireplace on the wall
This wall mounted fireplace comes in black and white colors to let you pick a color that matches your interior décor. Besides the color variation, the fireplace also features realistic flames of faux logs that resemble the conventional fireplace.

Depending on your indoor room temperature, this electric fireplace lets you adjust into a low or high-temperature setting. Use the remote control provided to control your wall-mounted fireplace. It perfectly heats rooms that are 400 feet square. You can purchase it for $279.99.

3. ClassicFlame Elysium Wall Mounted Infrared Fire Place

a small Classic Flame Elysium electric fireplace
The ClassicFrame Elysium fireplace features bright sidelights and a blue flame that enhances your room’s aesthetics. You can set the flame to three brightness levels, and you can operate the flame effects without heat.

It utilizes an infrared heating system that is powerful enough to warm a loom which is as large as 1,000 square feet. Another advantage of the infrared heating system is that it preserves the natural moisture of your room. You can find it on Amazon at $277. 30.

4. Moda Flame Valencia PRO Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

a wall mount fireplace from Moda Flame
This wall mounted ethanol fireplace from Moda Flame Valencia fits onto the walls of both modern and traditional houses. Unlike those wall mounted fireplaces powered by electricity, this type uses ethanol. It is, therefore, a good fit for people whose homes lack electricity.

A single ethanol recharge can last for as long as 4 or 6 hours. Its stainless steel material lasts long. Furthermore, it does not produce harmful gasses, hence suitable for indoor heating. This wall mounted electric fireplace is $259.99.

5. Ivation Wall Mounted Glass Electric Fireplace

an Ivation wall mounted fireplace
This stunning wall mounted fireplace features a slim design to give your living room beautiful flame scenery. It heats rooms with a maximum area of 250 square feet, and you can regulate the heat into a low, high or no heat settings.

Use the remote control provided to adjust the heat and set the timer quickly and easily. The fireplace comes with a bracket and mounting hardware which help you fix it onto your wall. It costs $249.

6. Fire Sense Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

a medium-size Fire sense fireplace on a wall
Fire Sense Wall Mounted fireplace comes in black, stainless steel and wood colors. This color variation helps you buy one that matches your room’s interior décor. This fireplace allows you to adjust the fireplace into different heat settings that are suitable for your heating needs.

A remote that is included the standard package helps you set the appropriate temperature in just a few seconds. However, you cannot use it to set the timer function. It comes with a steel mounting bracket and screws. This fireplace costs $160.00.

7. AKDY Wooden Style Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

an AKDY wooden style fireplace
This wall mounted electric fireplace from AKDY is made of a steel frame with a wood-like finish to give your interior space an appealing look. You can use it to heat rooms whose size is 400 square feet or just as a decoration for your room.

Its remote lets you to adjust the light intensity of your flame. For safety purposes, the fireplace has a cut off those powers off the fireplace when it heats. You can buy this fireplace for $129.00.

8. HomCom 1500W Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

a HomCom electric fireplace
This wall mounted fireplace keeps your home warm as well as increasing the aesthetics of your room. Its maintenance and emission free nature makes it an inexpensive option for raising your indoor temperatures.

This wall mounted fireplace allows you to adjust its heat into a setting that is appropriate. It can heat rooms that are as large as 46,500 square inches. Its standard package contains a remote control and wall mounting hardware. This fireplace costs $124. 89.

9. Best Choice Products Large 1500w Wall Mount Fireplace

a wall mount fireplace with digital flames
This wall mounted fireplace features a 3D flame technology that improves the aesthetics of your room. Its remote control lets you adjust the brightness of the flame in just a couple of button clicks.

Another important feature on this wall mounted fireplace is its dual heat settings that let you set an appropriate temperature for your room. It comes with a free stand used to mount it on your wall and a glass panel heater. It costs 114.95.

10. Homegear Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

a Homegear electric fireplace
The Homegear Wall mounted fireplace features an elegant design with appealing flame effects and natural stones that add up to the beautiful flame scenery. Its dual heat settings allow you to adjust the fireplace’s temperature depending on the size of your room and the temperature.

You can adjust the heat or flame brightness remotely, and its wall mounting unit helps you fix it onto your wall without hassle. It’s built by CE and ETL standards, hence safe for use. You can find this fireplace on Amazon at the price of $109.78.

Bottom Line

Wall mounted fireplaces help you warm your living room or office with style. Depending on the model, these fireplaces are powered by electricity or infrared red radiation. Unlike the conventional fireplace, wall mounted fireplaces are emission free, easy to operate and maintenance free.

Our picks above last long, they let you regulate the temperature and flame light, and they work efficiently. Therefore, if you ever wanted a good fireplace, we recommend that you try one of our picks. We encourage your review if you have tried any one of the wall mounted fireplaces above.

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