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Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove Review

The quality-built Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove, realistic flame technology is used for a beautiful 3D appearance to enhance your home and its décor. Place it your home or office for a mesmerizing and captivating experience. The traditional style stove has handcrafted logs and shows the true artisanship in this stylish electric stove. The firebox is made of steel and the front door gleams with its Gothic arch embellishment. It provides on-demand heat with a thermostat and the faux flame operates with or without heat. A hand-held remote is included for your convenience and operates in the same room with you.  A small TV about 19-inches or less can be placed on top. Enjoy the dancing and flickering flames with or without heat.

Dimplex CS33116A Compact Electric Stove

Product Details

  • Power: 1350 Watts/5115 BTU/110-120 Volts/60 Hz/13 Amps
  • Dimensions: 20“ W x 23-1/8” H x 11-5/16” D
  • Heating Area: 400 square feet
  • Cost to Operate: 1¢ /hour flames 9¢ /hour flames and heat
  • 6-foot electric cord, UL Listed
  • Thermal Overload Protector
  • Weight: 37.6 pounds
  • 1-year warranty provided; 90 days on parts

It is cool to the touch and children and pets will not be burned. Simply plug into a 3-prong grounded 120-Volt electrical outlet.

NOTE: The quiet fan-forced heater draws 13 Amps when on, when any other devices are plugged into the same circuit. Do not plug other devices into the outlet with the electric stove on it. It can cause a fuse to blow or circuit breaker to trip on what are usually 15 Amp circuits and this stove pulls 13 Amps. If you need an extension cord, be sure it is AWG compatible with the stove’s cord. This stove draws 1360 Watts when operating with the heating element on. A typical 15 Amp circuit will trip at 1800 Watts, so there isn’t much of a margin.

The compact size of the electric stove allows it to be easily moved to different rooms. Being electric, there are no ashes to clean, or chimneys and vents to deal with.

Authentic Flame Effect

The innovative electric fireplace from Dimplex has the world’s most realistic 3D flame effect that looks like real flames flickering with or without heat. The patented flame technology along with handcrafted logs makes the stove look even more real.

Superior Product Quality

The tough steel sides and the MDF top are of superior quality with a matte black finish ensuring durability for the electric stove. The handcrafted logs are used for the authentic look along with metallic highlights and door adornment showing this stove in its best light!

Easy to Set up and Operate

Remove the electric stove from the box. It is assembled and ready to plug in. It might have durable plastic legs to attach taking about 5 minutes. The stove is a breeze to operate with the included remote control. The heater disperses warm air low from the front. Put the included batteries into the remote, and you’re ready to go!

Safe to Use

A benefit of using an electric fireplace is it has a cord that plugs into a regular wall outlet. After you plug the fireplace in and turn it on, the lights create a realistic appearance of flames on a sculpted log. Since the flames are not real, there is no gas being pumped into the unit. That means you don’t have to worry about gas or smoke in your home. You’ll have the look and feel of a real fire but no worries of inhaling potentially toxic fumes.

The front glass is tempered and is always cool to touch, even when in operation making it safe for children and pets, since it poses no risk of burning or getting hurt. This electric stove produces no harmful carbon monoxide since there is no combustion from wood logs or gas, and it does not pollute the environment.

Excellent Design and Engineering

The thermostat control system saves energy and easy and the remote control system provides on-demand heat. The excellent design and engineering demonstrates this fact with the superior quality that satisfies customer needs. The quality fan confirms a noise-free are and with the efficient heat circulation for soothing warmth by the fire.

It is a lot of upkeep and maintenance to own a real fireplace.
That is another reason why an electric fireplace is an easier alternative. Because they don’t burn real wood, the maintenance requirements are significantly lower than other types of fireplaces. Also, there is no chimney to clean. All you do is turn it on when you want to and turn it off when you’re done. It’s that simple.

Final Thoughts

Customer reviews have given this electric stove 4.1 out of 5-stars and that is impressive. Cuddle up to your fire enjoying the moment with its dazzling flickering flames. You can run it without heat during warm times and with heat during cooler times. You can always have the flames without heat. When you operate the electric stove for the first time, you might get a strange odor and that will go away. If you want the crackling sound of real logs burning, you can buy a CD and play it on your player. Enjoy your elegant old-world charm with contemporary performance that will last you a lifetime.

The Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert: Our Top Five Picks

​Having a roaring fireplace during a cold winter's day is an excellent way to warm up or keep the living or bedroom cozy. It can also lend a romantic ambiance to a date or the celebration of a special anniversary. If you have an older fireplace, then buying the best wood burning fireplace insert may be the right solution for refurbishing your fireplace quickly. 

​Comparison Table







​Napoleon 1402

​32 H x 42-inches W

​11, 500 up to 70,000 BTUs

​2,000 square feet

​From about $2,600 to $3,000

​Limited Lifetime

​Osburn 1600

​21 1/2 H x 24 1/8 W x 22-inches D

​Up to 65,000 BTUs

​1,600 square feet

​Around $1,600 to $2,100


​Napoleon Timberwolf

​31 3/4 H x 44 7/16-inches W

​Up to 65,000 BTUs

​800 to 2,000 square feet

​About $2,000

​Limited Lifetime

IronStrike Montlake

​21 1/2 H x 25 W x 15 1/2-inches D

​Up to 76,000 BTUs

​1,200 to 2,200 square feet

​Under $2,200 to around $2,500

​Limited Lifetime

​IronStrike Legacy

​2 3/4 H x 30 1/2 W x 14 3/4-inches D

​Up to 79,000 BTUs

​Around 2,200 square feet

​From under $2,200 to $2,500

​Limited Lifetime

Wood Burning Insert FAQs

Wood burning inside the fireplace

​Image Source: Pixabay

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about wood burning inserts. 

1. What is a wood burning insert?

A fireplace insert fits into an existing fireplace, whether it is brick or there is only a chimney without a fireplace.

2. How does a fireplace insert work?

Fireplace inserts can burn one of three fuels: wood, wood pellets, or gas. They install quickly and easily because they fit inside of an open fireplace, but first, it is vital that you make sure the flue works, and the chimney has a good lining. 

Many inserts include a chimney lining, so carefully read the information to save some money when you buy one. Also, it only costs about $150 to $165 to have professionals install an insert, which may include capping off a gas line and removing the damper or some bricks to fit the vent tube. 

Wood burning inserts have heavy duty doors that can protect the house from sparks or exploding wood when the fire is burning, so they are safer than using an open fireplace. They are also more energy efficient than open fireplaces due to their construction and, as a result, you’ll save money on your energy bills by installing and using one.

3. What is the cost of repairing a brick fireplace?

Many people install inserts because their brick fireplace needs repairs or replacing. If there are cracks in the fireplace, then they can be filled cheaply. It only costs about $200 to fix the cracks. However, if the fireplace needs repairs or replacing, it can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on what needs repairing.

4. Where are wood burning inserts available?

Wood burning inserts are available for purchase at some home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, at stores that sell fireplace accessories, inserts, wall-mounted or electric fireplaces, and online from eBay, Amazon, and websites that specialize in fireplaces and fireplace supplies. 

How We Reviewed

To find the best fireplace insert, we researched them to find the best brands and the sizes in which they are available. We also discovered how much square footage they can heat, and we read both reviews and testimonials from homeowners who own them. Then, after reviewing the information, we came up with this list of the best fireplace inserts.

Overall Price Range of Wood Burning Inserts

The price of an insert depends on the size that the homeowner needs and its options. An insert that can heat between 1,000 to 3,000 square feet can cost between $2,000 to $4,000.

Best Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

Fireplace with a burning wood inside

​Image Source: Unsplash

This list of fireplace inserts is some of the best we found during our research.

No products found.

No products found.

A fireplace insert can make a brick fireplace more efficient when trying to add warmth to your home.


This Napoleon 1402 insert burns either wood logs or pellets for fuel to provide warmth for a living or bedroom that have a brick or rock fireplace. Most fireplaces are inefficient because the heat goes up through the chimney and never goes where it’s needed, into the room. 

The insert controls the disbursement of the heat with air blowers, and this Napoleon model has two fans that run quietly so that you could talk on the phone without disruption. The insert, along with the flashing, is black with black, almond, or green porcelain enamel finishes, and the top of the cast iron door looks elegant with its arched design. It has a shelf above the door for a tea kettle or Dutch oven.

The door has a full-view glass window that adds ambiance to the room. The insert, along with the flashing and trim measures 32 H x 42-inches W. The insert can put out about 11, 500 to 14, 500 BTUs, at high burn it can be as high as 70,000 BTUs, which is enough to heat rooms of 2,000 square feet. This insert is not suitable for a mobile home, and it needs a chimney liner.


Fireplace inserts are available online from eBay, Amazon, and the It’s also available at brick and mortar retailers specializing in the sale of fireplaces, fireplace supplies, and accessories.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Osburn company not only specializes in wood burning inserts, but they also make woodstoves.


This Osburn 1600 wood burning firebox is an efficient way to use your home’s fireplace. It fits into an opening in a brick or stone fireplace measuring 21 3/4 H x 26W x 14 ½-inches D. The over dimensions of the insert are: 21 1/2 H x 24 1/8 W x 22-inches D. It has a black metallic finish with a door made from cast iron.

The door has an adjustable handle with full-view glass with a system that can clean itself. There is also a blower that helps distribute the fire’s heat into the room, rather than up the chimney. It uses wood logs or pellets for fuel, but the logs can only be a maximum of 17-inches in length. The unit puts out up to 65,000 BTUs to heat a room that’s up to 1,600 square feet.

The six-inch vent pipe the unit needs is available separately, as is a door overlay, face place kit and faceplate trim. These items should be available from the retailer from where the customer purchases the insert.


​This fireplace insert is available from eBay, Amazon,, and and offline from fireplace and fireplace supply retailers.  


​Lifetime warranty.

No products found.

No products found.

The Timberwolf Economizer is on the list as the best wood burning fireplace insert, and it's from the Napoleon company. 


This fireplace insert comes with the flashing, so it measures 31 3/4 H x 44 7/16-inches W. It has a black metal box with a black cast iron door. The flashing is adjustable at 1/4-inch increments to provide a minimum hearth depth of 14-inches. It fits in a fireplace opening of 22 H x 25 7/8 W x 14-inches D.

The insert has two blowers that circulate heat for about 800 to 2,000 square feet, and they both have automatic thermodiscs with speed control to make the room more comfortable during cold weather. It has a heat output of up to 65,000 BTUs. The door has a large ceramic glass opening that allows you to check on the fire safely.

The insert has approval from the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA. The firebox has a full refractory lining, and it fits logs up to 18-inches long. This insert will need a vent pipe with a six-inch opening.


​This insert is available from eBay, Amazon,, and individual fireplace and fireplace supply retailers offline.


​Limited Lifetime Warranty

Montlake fireplace insert

​Image Source:

This fireplace insert provides an efficient way to make your home cozy during a wintry or early spring day.


The IronStrike Montlake 230 insert can convert masonry fireplaces into a clean-burning, efficient wood burning fireplace. It is from IronStrike's Country Collection so that it would fit well in any home with a country décor and an empty fireplace. The insert consists of heavy gauge steel, a cast iron heat exchanger, and high-density firebricks that retain heat for more efficiency.

It has one blower with variable speeds that delivers the heat from the insert into the room. The Montlake provides up to 76,000 BTUs that can warm areas measuring about 1,200 to 2,200 square feet to keep family rooms warm on even the most bitter winter evenings. Buyers can choose a top warming area that is heavy gauge steel or cast iron.

There are also door options that can give the fireplace insert a decorative look. Buyers can choose nickel or brushed nickel door trim instead of black. The insert fits fireplaces as large as 21 1/2 H x 25 W x 15 1/2 -inches D, which can fit logs that are a maximum of 18-inches long. The door has ceramic glass that provides a full view of the interior, and it has an air wash system that keeps it clean. 


​The IronStrike Montlake 230 is available from eBay,, and both online and offline retailers specializing in fireplaces and fireplace supplies.


​Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Legacy fireplace

​Image Source:

If the fireplace in your house doesn’t see much use because it doesn't provide enough heat, then this IronStrike insert can improve its efficiency.


With most fireplaces, the heat doesn't disperse well if there isn't a blower because it will go up the chimney. You'll end up spending more money on burning wood or pellets, and you'll still need to use the central heat to stay warm. However, fireplace inserts fit into most fireplaces snugly, and they have an enclosed design, with a blower, to distribute the heat evenly.

The Legacy puts out as much as 79,000 BTUs, which is more than most other insert models. The blower disperses the hot air from the firebox, and the sealed doorway, plus the afterburner tubes that create a secondary burn, makes for a very efficient, energy-saving fireplace. The insert can fit into fireplaces that are 22 3/4 H x 30 1/2 W x 14 3/4-inches D, which can hold logs up 22 1/2-inches long.

This unit can provide heat for areas as large as 2,200 square feet. The glass on the door offers an open view of the fire, and an air wash system keeps it clean. IronStrike has options for making the insert more aesthetically pleasing like doorways that are black, brushed metal or brushed nickel. The surrounds and trim are also available in black or nickel. 


​This IronStrike model is available from eBay,, and both online and offline retailers specializing in fireplaces and fireplace supplies.


​Limited Lifetime Warranty

​Final Verdict

Couple Sitting in fron of a fireplace

​Image Source: Unsplash

If your home has a fireplace you've been unable to enjoy, then a fireplace insert can allow you to use it once again. After researching them for this review, we concluded that the Osburn 1600 was the best wood burning fireplace insert for most homes. It can keep an area of 1,600 comfortable when it's cold outside, and it is one of the lowest price inserts from this list.

Also, homeowners who have it are happy with this product. One customer has had theirs for over 20 years and says it is still working very well. If you need to improve your fireplace’s efficiency, consider installing one of these wood burning inserts.

​Featured Image Source: Pixabay

Touchstone Onyx 50-inch Electric Wall-Mounted Fireplace Review

The bestselling fireplace on the market is the Touchstone Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace. This gorgeous and functional fireplace will be a powerful design element in your living room, family room, den, lower level, or office. It makes a great addition to any bedroom. You will be the envy of all your family and friends when they see the true-to-life flames embedded in a fiery stack of faux (false) logs and the surrounding onyx (black) or ivory frame. The LED (light emitting diodes) simulated flame appearance is fascinating and hypnotic and will be enjoyed with or without the heat for winter’s warmth and summer’s cool evenings. You will be free of the typical fire, smoky smell, ashes to clean out, and a smoke-filled room.

Fireplace Features

The wall-mount fireplace is gorgeous on a brick wall or drywall (sheetrock) panels. The fashionable up-to-date style is simple in its design to coordinate with your home décor. Set your flame at an understated glow or a full-flame setting using the remote. Let your mood set the tone for your pleasure. The realistic flames sit behind one piece of tempered glass with the appearance of an actual fireplace. The fireplace is able to display flames with heat or to display flames without any heat.

  • 5100 BTU heater/1500 Watts
  • Electric 110/120 Volts
  • 11 amps and up
  • 6-foot electric cord
  • LED lights
  • Onyx (black) or ivory finish
  • Metal and glass material
  • High- and low-heat settings
  • Full-featured remote control
  • Heats a 400-square-foot room
  • 5 flame settings
  • Remote control or the side of the unit for settings
  • Set the timer to turn off from 30 minutes to 8 hours later
  • Exclusive heat override switch enables fireplace to be recessed mounted
  • Recommended placement of fireplace: 24-inches below an 8-foot ceiling
  • Avoid mounting fireplace under a wall-mounted flat screen TV; limits heater use. The heat comes from the top of the unit and is not good for your TV when heater is on.

Fireplace Dimensions and Details

The efficient and well-designed Touchstone Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace has no venting requirements and does not need a chimney. It is ideal for placing in all rooms of your home to be aesthetically appealing. The fireplace is problem-free from the hazards of a real fire. Using no fossil fuel or wood, the fireplace produces no carbon monoxide emissions, toxins, pollutants, or chemical waste products and is eco-friendly. The air is directed from the top with a silent built-in fan for adequate air movement. The fan has low and high settings.

  • 4-inches wide, 21.6 inches high, 5.5-inches deep
  • Firebox dimensions for recessing unit: 38.75-inches wide, 18.75-inches high, 5-inches deep
  • Window view opening: 8.5-inches high x 37.75-inches wide
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Easy to install by one person
  • Mounting and installation is simple and hassle-free
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions
  • User’s Manual
  • Mounting bracket and 3 drywall screws
  • Position mounting bracket level and fireplace clips into the bracket.

Instructions and Care

  • It is not recommended for outdoor use or bathrooms. Keep away from water.
  • Vacuum and remove dust inside and out of the fireplace including the control compartment inside. Use a mild dishwashing liquid to clean the glass when it is cold. Use nothing abrasive that will scratch the surface.
  • When the flames appear uneven or dull, replace the light bulbs. Plug into its own outlet so not to overload the circuit that can cause a fire.
  • The fireplace includes a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Touchstone 50-inch Onyx electric wall mounted fireplace…


  • It features truly outstanding flame effects that are adjustable up to five levels
  • It is an extremely stylish, modern, and fashion-forward focal point
  • It is available in three different finishes: White, Black, and Mirror — This means that it matches any decor
  • It comes with a one-year warranty from Touchstone, the manufacturer


  • The heating function, although adequate, is not completely outstanding
  • It is a relatively heavy unit, weighing at 46 pounds, and needs to be mounted securely
  • Consideration must be given to the plug and the cord. This could be seen as being an eyesore

Final Thoughts

It costs about $0.25 per hour to run the fireplace on the highest flame and heat setting. The fireplace does not ship outside the U.S.A. or Canada at this time, because the unit is only rated for use with 110/120 Volt outlets. The fireplace is not waterproof and is not meant to be used outdoors or in a small bathroom.

Patio Heater Reviews: Top 10 Models

During the cooler months of the year, spending time outdoors on your patio can be somewhat chilly for many people. It is best to get a patio heater in order to take the edge off the cold. There are many different types of patio heaters, they are not all created equal.

With so many different varieties of patio heaters we thought it would be a good idea if you got a representative sampling of the different styles available. An informed consumer can make a better choice.

Endless Summer EWTR800B Patio Electric Heater, 21.7'x15.75', Cherry

Image from Amazon

In order to give you enough information to be able to get a patio heater that meets your specific criteria, we assembled enough information to be able to give you reviews on several of the commonly available models in the marketplace today.

How We Chose Our Ratings

No products found.

Image from Amazon

We want to be able to give you an honest appraisal of what the product is. So, how did we arrive at our   rating? We take information available from different consumer reviews, testimonials as well as product specifications, general manufacturer information, and the reputation of the manufacturer.

We look at specifics on how the operation of the product affects the performance. We look at characteristics such as ease of installation and assembly. The comments of consumers who reviewed the product were taken into account. All available information that we could find were condensed into these reviews, which are unbiased and complete.

Taking all of this information into account, we find links to the available products and create a mini review of each product for your perusal.

We have assembled reviews of the 10 best patio heaters just for you here. Let’s take a look at the different models that you can choose from when you are about to select your next patio heater.

The Top 10 Best Patio Heaters

Infratech WD-Series Dual Element Stainless Steel 39" 4000 Watt...
  • HIGH-POWERED HEATERS — High-powered, dual-element WD-Series fixtures provide more concentrated heat for large scale...
  • EASY MAINTENANCE — WD-Series include minimal clearance requirements, recessed mounting options, short standoffs and...
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR HEATERS — Infratech is 90% energy efficient, UL listed for outdoor and indoor use and are easy and...



This excellent patio heater was a favorite choice amongst the consumers surveyed. People reported that it was easy to install and operate. Some consumers reported that it would provide heat even in the breeze. A very powerful unit that provides a great deal of heat. Most consumers were overwhelmingly satisfied with this product. There were no issues reported for customer service which some claimed was excellent. This patio heater is our top choice.

   Some of the features of this unit include:

  • 16.7-amp, 240-volt, 4000 watts total power
  • Stainless steel finish
Endless Summer EWTR800B Patio Electric Heater, 21.7"x15.75", Cherry
  • Heats up to a 12-foot circle for small- to medium-size gatherings on the deck or patio
  • Safety tilt switch prevents fires should the unit tip over
  • 8-foot cord reaches outlets with ease, uses a standard 120-volt grounded outlet



Most people surveyed who reviewed this product spoke quite favorably about the overall quality and design. There are several people who included helpful hints. It is said that the light works quite well and provides a good illumination for the area. People were satisfied in in the amount of heat coming out of it. It was sufficient for most people’s purposes. In the customer service department, there seems to be no issues or concerns. 

  This patio includes the following features:

  • 1200 Watts heats up an area up to 115 square feet 
  • Features portable table top design 
  • Functional durable steel housing 
  • For use with standard outlets
  • Instant radiant heat is flexible 
  • Package may reveal contents



Just about everybody who reviewed this product had satisfactory things to say about it. There are some issues with assembly and the packaging. As far as product performance goes, many of the customers said that it was adequate in the heat that it produced but not exceptionally warm. In really cold weather, it probably would not pump out a lot of heat. A lot of people really love this unit, however, and said it had a beautiful looking appearance to it. Customer service was reported to be at satisfactory with no issues are problems. 

  Some of the available features include:

  • Heats up to 115 square feet of space 
  • 1,200 watts of power
  • Plugs into standard outlet
  • Portable tabletop design
  • Flexible instant radiant heat
  • Functional and durable steel housing



This particular patio heater puts out a lot of heat and seems to be well respected by the majority of consumers reviewing it. Report say the ease of assembly varied with times ranging from 90 minutes to 3 to 4 hours. Overall, people were satisfied with the performance and appearance of this product and recommended it. Customer service was reported to be acceptable with virtually no issues or problems. Overall, this unit was well received. 

 Some of the features of this product include:

  • 20 x 33 x 89 inches
  • 10.8 pounds
Sunglo A242 BLACK Portable Natural Gas Heater, Black Finish
  • Black or stainless steel finish; 100% Safety Shutoff Control; 50,000 BTU/Hour
  • Constant Pilot; Automatic Pilot Ignition; Turn Heater ON/OFF with a Switch
  • Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant Construction; Black Powder Coated 3" Diameter Post



The majority of consumers who reviewed this product positive things to say about it. Many of the consumers made remarks about how easy it was to install although some found it difficult with the lack of some parts. It was said to produce an adequate amount of heat. Functional and attractive, this patio heater was one of the better ones available. The price of this patio heater is slightly more than most of them. Customer service had no real issues to report. High quality patio heater. The consumers were generally satisfied with the unit overall. 

  Some of the available features include:

  • 41,000 BTU’s of power
  • Three-sided pyramid heater
  • 1-piece quartz glass tube
  • “Rapid Multi Spark” ignition system 

No products found.

No products found.



Almost all of the consumers who review this product were genuinely satisfied. Several of the consumers indicated that they felt safe using this product and enjoyed the safety features that were included. Installation and assembly were reported to take 30 to 45 minutes usually. This patio propane heater was said to provide a sufficient amount of heat. Customers seem genuinely satisfied with this product. Customer service had no issues are problems to report. Overall, this seems to be a generally good investment.  

  Some of the available features include:

  • One-step, user-friendly ignition system 
  • Variable heat control knob 
  • Pilot light 
  • Anti-tip turn off  
  • 48,000 BTU output 
  • Heats up to 175 square feet
Hiland HLI-1P Electric Paras ol/Umbrella Patio Heater, 1500 Watts, IP...
  • Electric heater for umbrellas. Heats Up to 15 SQ FT
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • 1500 Watts Made of Stainless Steel. Provides Instant Heat



This ingenious heater works within an umbrella to heat a patio area. Consumers who reviewed this product were pretty satisfied with the performance. It was said that this patio heater should not be used in temperatures below 40 degrees and that the light is very bright. Assembly and installation were reported to be easy. Overall, a good product for most purposes as reported. Customer service had no real issues to report. Not the warmest patio heater on the market, but a good deal for the money. 

  Some of the available features include:

  • Suitable for umbrellas 
  • Heats up to 15 square feet 
  • 1500 watts of power 
  • Made of stainless steel 
  • Heats instantly 
  • IP certified waterproof 
  • Variable temperature control 
  • Indoor and outdoor use
EnerG+ Infrared Electric Outdoor Heater - Bistro Table
  • Bistro table perfect for seating a few people with a central heated column for just the perfect warmth all around
  • Provides the maximum 1500 Watts of instantaneous radiant heat
  • IP24 certified weatherproof rating makes this safe for use outdoors, even in wet or rainy environments. No need to put...



Most of the customers reviewing this product were generally satisfied. It was stated by several of the customers that you have to sit very close to the product in order to receive the heat. Not designed for exceptionally cold weather, this product is good and more temperate climates. Some people reported that it was difficult to assemble and install. Customer service didn’t have any real issues to report that were negative. Most people seem to be pretty happy with it. 

  Some of the available features include:

  • One-step, user-friendly ignition system 
  • Variable heat control knob 
  • Pilot light 
  • Anti-tip turn off 
  • 48,000 BTU output 
  • Heats up to 175 square feet
Hiland HLDS032-B Table Top Portable Heater, Stainless Steel
  • Hiland 38-Inch tall portable patio heater. CSA Approved
  • Stainless Steel finish. Thermocouple and Anti-Tilt Safety Devices
  • Heat output: 11,000 BTU's. Gas type: 1lb Propane or 20 lb Propane with Adapter hose, not included.



Some of the reports by consumers for this product were satisfactory. However, there were some issues encountered by others. Some of the customers reported that it was easy to assemble. Although others had issues with not only assembly, but other modifications that needed to be made. It was said to be not too bad a heater. Customer service was a problem for several different people. 

  Some of the available features include:

  • Uses standard 120-volt outlet
  • 1400 watts of power
  • No carbon monoxide emissions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Built for safety
  • Water resistant 
  • Dustproof
  • 5000-hour carbon filament lamp
  • Tempered glass table top 
  • Cool touch heating surface 
Lava Heat Italia - AMAZON-131 - Lava Lite Patio Heater - Hammered...
  • Constructed of Stainless Steel with a Hammered Black Finish
  • 360-degree distribution of heat in a 5 ft. radius generating an impressive 56,000 BTUs
  • Weather resistant 4 ft. Borosilicate glass tube is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures



Most of the consumers who reviewed this product were generally satisfied. For outdoor use., it was reported that they are light weight and wind will damage them. Reported to be of a good quality and would produce enough heat overall. A rather large and bulky unit. Customer service was reported to be substandard, using only email. Some people are happy with this unit, but others not. 

  Some of the available features for this unit include:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hammered black finish 
  • Uses natural gas
  • 56,000 BTU output

How to Buy a Patio Heater

If you have a patio or other space that you would like to have heated during the cooler months of the year, you may want to invest in a patio heater. There are a lot of different factors will need to consider before you make your purchase, however.

If you are on a budget you will want to get the best patio heater you can get for the money. If money is no object you may want to get a more expensive one with better features such as better heating capacity. A lot depends on your needs and what you’re willing to spend.

For those who are operating commercial spaces like restaurants or cafes, you will want to get a model that is safe to use and work well to keep space warm. You will also want to work in some form of cost effective strategy into your purchases.

Some of the models of patio heaters that are more expensive are quite worth it. While others are more of a waste of money. Depending on your overall need, if you’re a homeowner and just want a patio heater to keep warm with during the winter or late fall or early spring months then you may just want to get a less expensive model that will get the job done.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to get a patio heater that will keep you warm during the cold weather. For more comprehensive coverage of spaces that are going to be occupied by clientele for business reasons, you may want to get a top-quality model instead of a bargain unit.

You will want to have a patio heater that is safe to you know matter what you do. So, you want to make sure that there are safety features built into whatever model that you get. There are several different types of patio heaters that are heated in different ways. You will need to find one that has an energy system that is compatible with your space.

If if your area is windy or there are other weather conditions that would hamper your use of a patio heater, you may want to get models that are sufficient to compensate for these conditions. You also have to take into consideration the different operating systems that the patio heaters use.

Be sure they are appropriate for use in the space that they will be occupying and are the right size and shape for the intended area.

You never want to sacrifice quality for a lower price so make sure that whatever system that you get is a high -quality unit that will last over time.

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater Review – Includes A Winter Shutoff

Panel heaters help to keep your home warm when the weather is cold or you’re feeling a little chilly. These units bless you with more control in your home and you can customize the temperature and settings to suit you.

In this article, we’re sharing our best advice for finding the right panel heater for you and will provide a review of the DeLonghi HMP1500 mica panel heater and reasons why you should purchase this.

The Benefits of Panel Heaters

Panel heaters are becoming a popular choice to heat homes and there are other incredible features to this type of heater. Below, we’ll outline some of the most advantageous features.

Multiple Style and Customizable Options

One of our favorite benefits of panel heaters is that they come in a range of designs, styles, and colors. They’re constructed simply which tends to give you more options with appearances. Specifically, they come with additional features, such as clip-on feet so you can heat your home on the move. This is also great to make the unit mobile for transporting from room to room.

Panel heaters tend to have a modern and stylish design compared to other types of heaters so that they don’t look out of place in your home. Instead of just having a practical function, they can add extra aesthetics to your living space.

Heats Up an Allocated Space

A warm house isn’t ideal for everyone. Perhaps you’d like to have a warm living room but cool bedroom so you can get to sleep easily. Whatever your circumstances and preferences, we appreciate that not everyone wants their entire room to be at the same temperature. Thankfully, panel heats allow you to heat up an allocated space and maintain the temperature in a room of your choosing.

Some panel heaters also have a built-in clock so your home can be warm and toasty by the time you’re home from work.

Can Be a Very Cost-Effective Choice

Panel heaters are great for warming one room at a time. For example, if you have guests visiting and intend to use your conservatory, switch on your unit before they arrive so it's warm and cozy before they arrive. This is a much more cost-effective method than switching on the radiators in your entire home if you’ll only be using one room at a time. Otherwise, you’re heating spaces you won’t spend your time in.

Offer a Range of Temperatures

This type of heater offers a range of temperatures so you can heat the bedroom and living room to the desired heat. Many units also come with a programmable feature so that you can choose when the heating comes on and switches off. For example, if you won’t be home at the weekends, you can program the unit to remain off during these specific days.

Sleek and Contemporary Design

Although you’re purchasing a panel heater for function reasons, there’s no harm in the unit having a sleek and contemporary design. In today’s homes, it’s important that a heater is portable, compact, and doesn’t take up much room in your home. You want to have a range of options to position the heater without having the unit in your home become a huge inconvenience.

Another advantage of panel heaters is that they give you a range of places to position them, such as wall mountable so you can secure them on the wall to efficiently heat a room. You want them to bring additional character and style to your home, not become a nuisance.

A Guide to Buying a Panel Heater

Before we look at the DeLonghi HMP1500 mica panel heater, there are a few considerations you’ll need to make to purchase the best panel heater for you.

The Heater’s Location

The first consideration we want you to make is where you’ll keep the heater. There are a variety of panel heaters available on the market, so we want to make sure that you’re purchasing the best unit for your money. By knowing the space you’ll store the heater in prior to buying one, you can accurately calculate the wattage of each model.

This information will determine the amount of energy each device produces.

For example, if you intend on heating a large space, you’ll require a panel heater with a larger wattage than a heater for a small room. Furthermore, if you want to use the heater in a busy area of the house, you may need additional features such as an internal tip-over switch to keep everyone safe.


Many customers like to own a unit that is portable so they can easily move it around their home from room to room. This feature means that the design should be lightweight and preferably the unit will come with a handy for easy mobility. However, if you intend on storing the heater in only one room, you won’t need to be extra for a lightweight and sleeker design.

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater Specifications

  • The DeLonghi HMP is actually a mica panel space heater
  • Measures 22.5 inches by 27.24 inches by 9.84 inches
  • Weighs 10.1 pounds
  • Runs on 1500 watts - 120 volts - 12.5 amps
  • Metallic black color scheme
  • Cord length of seventy-two inches
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Anti-freeze setting
  • Automatic safety shutoff
  • Internal thermostat with timer
  • Tip over safety system
  • Wall mounting kit included with device
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Two heat settings
  • Room thermostat included
  • Minimum heating power 750 watts

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater Review

Heating Efficiency

The DeLonghi HMP1500 heater is different since micathermic technology is used to supply efficient and fast heating for nearly any room. The heating element does not incorporate a fan or other moving elements. Therefore the unit has a near silent operation. The mica heater presents the user with the extra comfort of an adaptable thermostat, and two heater configurations, plus a range of safety features.

Many other manufacturers of space heaters constantly hum, whirl, and buzz, but the HMP1500 radiates high heat into the home rather than blowing it. Therefore a fan isn't necessary. The mica heating element also produces multidirectional warmth and ensures that a regular temperature is maintained in every area of the home it is used in. The device's adjustable thermostat makes it simple to select for the proper temperature and maintain it throughout whatever space you use the DeLonghi in.

As soon as you have selected your preferred room temperature, the unit will automatically keep it at that particular temperature. The heater will automatically cycle through its two heating options, 1500 watts, and 750 watts until it gets to the desired heat.


The design of the Mica Panel is actually slender and compact. Therefore it does not stick out like a sore thumb, and the unit is actually small enough to be mounted on a wall. It’s for warming small to medium-sized spaces, and is a superb example of developing an effective heater around its internal heating element.

The DeLonghi has a completely contemporary appearance, so it appears a lot more like a vision of contemporary art than a space heater, whether it is mounted to a wall or sitting in a corner. An added carry handle and casters make it easier to move the unit from room to room, and setup is as easy as plugging it in and turning it on. The space heater is also lightweight to make transporting it around your home much easier.

Winter Shutoff

The heater includes a winter shutoff, which trips when the unit starts to overheat and could help avoid fires along with other accidents. The unit also has an inner tip over switch, which will instantly deactivate if the unit falls onto its face.


The HMP1500 also has several easy-to-see power and caution signal lights. Therefore any users will know whether the unit is actually working or not. This ceramic heater has safety features, and one of them is an automatic shutoff. This means that when the ceramic heater has reached its desired temperature, the internal switch will kick in to deactivate the heater and prevent the temperature rising.

Frost Prevention Mode

When experiencing frost, the unit will shut itself down or activate a low heating method to keep the kitchen suitably warm. The unit also includes a frost prevention mode, which will right away utilize a room temperature at a minimum of forty-one degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a fantastic function if you need to on leave home for a prolonged period of time, but don’t want to leave the heat on and waste energy.

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials of happy customers who purchased the DeLonghi heater.

De'Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet 1500W,...
  • FULL ROOM WARMTH: Packs 1500 watts of heating power for full room comfort
  • SLEEK LOOK: Whether set on the floor or mounted to the wall, this is a stylish way to stay warm
  • PERSONALIZED COMFORT: Adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings allow you to customize to your heating needs

Testimonial 1

The DeLonghi HMP1500 Electric Mica Panel Heater works great wherever you put it.

You can choose between the 750 (MIN) or 1500 watt (MAX) settings. Additionally, you are able to turn the lower knob from one through to six in order to attain the temperature you'd like.

It took my cats approximately 15 minutes to find out the remarkable warmth that the Mica Panel generates virtually instantly.

Actually, by now, they cannot wait for it to be turned on during the day. I usually see one or maybe two cats sitting stoically on the rug; they will be with me at first and then move to the spot where the DeLonghi heater is placed.

Despite the heater turned up to the maximum and on high (six of six), our furry little companions are able to place up against the front side of it without turning into a fireball.

Nevertheless, I do not use the highest settings most of the time since it gets much too warm in the home for our liking.

We thought the DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater was worthy of a 5-star rating from the time we’ve used it so far.

It offers a safe and cheap secondary heat source vs. propane (and as an added bonus to those of us with pets in the home, you do not have to be worried about them getting burned!)

Testimonial 2

I bought this heater to replace another DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater I purchase from Amazon (which also offered reliable year-round service for the previous 11 years).

Yes, you heard, right! My last DeLonghi Mica Panel lasted 11 years! (the reason I had to replace it was that the power cable finally became frayed and resulted in harm to the heaters' PC board).

The sole issue I actually had concerned the casters and their relatively fragile nature. When you inadvertently kicked the device or even bang it while moving, they tend to break off with hardly any force - super glue saved me far more than once.

The brand new heater I received is almost the same as my 11-year-old one. There are slightly different cosmetics are apparent, as well as larger command dials (larger but a little harder to see the amount you're on), a longer power cord and sturdier wheel assemblies.

Additionally, it has a "non-freeze" setting that you are able to utilize for cool storage devices, where you don’t want to heat them but can't let them freeze up.

The one really new design feature I’m not a massive fan of is the condition light indicator. On the old version, it would light when first turned on but go off when the heater finished cycling to the preferred temperature, then click on and light up once again as it heated up.

It made it much easier to visually verify it was operating (in case you were worried about such things). The way in which it operates at this point is that the white light is ALWAYS ON when the product is actually on.

Naturally, this was done as a safety measure, so you would not leave your heater on by accident, not seeing the light and thinking it was off when in reality, it was still on.

At the end of the day, I can confidently say that the Mica Panel heaters are excellent. While they don’t heat an area particularly quickly, they do work nicely for closed off rooms.

Putting one of these in the open living space of yours would be a waste, it simply would not put out enough heat to make a lot of a difference.

Nevertheless, if you've got a closed-off space of any sort (I use mine in a big bedroom and home theatre), it will heat it up and maintain that heat reliably.

Because it's not fan driven, the heat pattern will first go up, transferring through whichever rooms it's in until the warmer air starts to fall and is actually replaced with fresh hot air.

Within an hour, the whole space is actually comfortable and the thermostat, when used as directed in the instructions, will work great.

You can tell it’s working by feeling for the heat, or perhaps listening for the fairly obvious ‘click’ sound when the device cycles. I was worried that the thermostat wasn't working at first, but after a couple of hours testing, it proved to be working just fine.

In terms of the smell, the DeLonghi requires some serious off-gassing time before you can use it indoors properly. I assembled mine (no tools required) and placed it on the rear patio, and as directed in the booklet, I cranked it all the way up on both dials.

I checked it every half an hour, to ensure the cord and outlet wasn't overheating. Make sure you don’t do it inside, because the smell is quite pungent.

The manual also suggests a minimum of two hours off-gassing. I needed the heater yesterday, having performed with no heat for two days, though I persevered it a very long total of 4 hours off-gassing.

By the time I'd put it in the home, nearly all of the smell was gone. I had a small amount of it the very first time I used it, though this morning it wasn't detectable.

One last thing to mention - you can do a lot worse compared to this particular unit. While the 11-year lifespan of my old DeLonghi isn’t the standard lifespan, it does say a lot about how well-built these heaters are.

I am up in the high desert, and it becomes very, very cold come nightfall and in the morning. The brand new version appears to be produced to an even better standard - so much so, I'm extremely pleased. Go and buy this!

Testimonial 3

This marks our third winter with one of these heaters.

When we were deciding what heater to buy, we were torn between a few different choices. One of our friends suggested this, which we had never heard of before. As soon as we got it, we knew we had made the right choice.

We use it in a 200 sq ft bedroom, with the majority of the home left at 63 at night. On the low setting, this heater can readily drive the kitchen to eighty on a 20-degree night.

We have never made use of this heater on high. (I would feel that without a distinct thermostat, it could cook you to medium-well overnight.)

On the low setting, it averages a 30 percent cycle time, set at 69 through the winter nights (as measured via Kill-a-Watt).

Our other thermostat turns the oil burner on come morning time – and our DeLonghi turns off at the same time.

Just be sure to remember this particular heater will make a few weird noises as it warms up, particularly when new. You’ll get used to it after a few days though.

Alternative Panel Heaters to Purchase

Dimplex 400W

The Dimplex 400W panel heater is an economical heater that is equipped with several safety features. For example, the unit features a thermal cut-off so that it automatically turns off when it’s reached the desired temperature to prevent the unit overheating. By offering an automatic shut-off feature, this means you won’t wake up to a hot bedroom in the morning, as the temperature won’t continue to increase.

Its design is one of our favorite features as the heater looks sleek and modern without trying too hard. The touch controls add a sense of modernism while the white design maintains a neutral tone for an array of styles. In fact, it’ll look incredibly stylish in the bathroom and fits in perfectly with tiles. You also have the choice of mounting the unit against the wall or standing it on the floor, depending on your preferences and available space. Thankfully, the heater only weighs 5kg, so mounting it on the wall isn’t an impossible task and it’s less likely to fall.

Jack Stonehouse

Another great alternative is this Jack Stonehouse heater. This unit is great for adjusting the temperature without having to get out of bed. With a remote control, you can turn the unit on and off with ease. This is great for warming up your bedroom in the morning without having to step out into a cold atmosphere. This remote control also operates from a great distance so you can operate the unit from another room. Also, with a built-in LCD screen, this Jack Stonehouse heater is modern, contemporary and convenient.

The Jack Stonehouse heater is equipped with many safety features including water-resistant protection so you can keep it near water without worrying. This is great for ensuring your bathroom is warm once you’re finished in the shower. Similar to the DeLonghi hmp1500 panel heater, this unit also features a safety cut-out and automatically switch off should it accidentally get knocked over. The unit also comes with several temperature levels so you’re bound to find the right setting to suit you.

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater Final Verdict

Among the best contemporary designs for an electric heater, the DeLonghi HMP1500 gives you complete command over a room's air temperature, while staying at a fair price point.

The DeLonghi HMP1500 is extremely coveted among reviewers and has received rave reviews so far. A modern variation on an old space heater layout, the HMP1500 is a fantastic addition to anyone's house.

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