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Are Electric Fireplaces Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Owning a fireplace can be comforting. It certainly serves as a mechanism to warm the home during the wintertime properly. Unfortunately, fireplaces – particularly the non-electric kind – can be a source of serious havoc upon one’s home. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, most fires arising from fireplace use are due to faulty chimney issues. Rather than need to incur the expense of cleaning one’s chimney, an alternative approach is to consider a potentially safer form of heating equipment.

For example, those who love the aesthetic and appearance of a traditional fireplace, but are looking for a safer alternative, may want to consider an electric fireplace. Here are the main features of an electric fireplace that provide insight into the question of “Are electric fireplaces safe?”

1. No Burning Wood

One of the main features of an electric fireplace that instantly makes it a safer option is the absence of wood. Rather than including real wood, the electric fireplace may feature wood inserts that look like the real thing. This alternative is there to recreate that romantic atmosphere that offers comfort to people. There are most realistic electric fireplace options on the market that can make you forget you don’t own a traditional fireplace.

Another common substitute for wood in an electric fireplace is glass. Better yet, the glass comes in many different colors and shapes so as to provide an aesthetically pleasing and unique look. Both glass beads and wood inserts do not pose the same risk as traditional wood. This suggests that an electric fireplace may be just the safe option.

2. No Open Flame

Second, the absence of real wood in an electric fireplace means that there is no open flame as well. This feature means that those who own the fireplace can feel confident that not only is their home protected, but children and pets will be safe as well when they are around the fireplace.

The lack of an open flame also means fewer accidents involving the task of starting a fire. By virtue of this feature alone, individuals can easily answer in the affirmative when it comes to the issue of are electric fireplaces safe.

3. No Chimney

living room with electric fireplace in the back and no chimney

Third, an electric fireplace is a safer alternative to a traditional fireplace because it does not contain a chimney. As previously noted, chimneys are the primary cause of home fires when using a fireplace. They can either become blocked off so that the fumes will not get out of your home or they have not been properly cared for.

Fortunately, with an electric fireplace, individuals will not need to worry about having to clean out, maintain, and inspect their fireplace and chimney so as to prevent a fire. Homeowners can feel confident that they are making the right decision when it comes to an electric fireplace because it is without a chimney and its associated issues.

4. No Gas Tank

Fourth, those who have dealt with gas tanks may know just how dangerous they can be. Fortunately, an electric fireplace does not need one, thus addressing the issue of are electric fireplaces safe. Gas tanks tend to accompany traditional fireplaces.

They can serve as a serious risk due to all of the potential problems that may arise during installation and transportation. However, an electric fireplace is much safer and easier to operate by virtue of the fact that all individuals need to do is to ensure that the fireplace is connected to the electricity – and there is no gas tank involved.

5. Safe-to-Touch

Fifth, children and pets have a tendency to touch items that they are curious about. A fireplace is no exception to this rule. Luckily, electric fireplaces are not an issue because they have the safety feature of being safe-to-touch.

Most electric fireplaces have a glass frame that does not heat up or that warms up slightly when the fireplace is on. With this type of protective mechanisms, parents and pet owners can turn on their electric fireplace without having to be concerned about an accident arising.

6. Free from Carbon Monoxide Emissions

the words carbon monoxide written on road in yellow

Sixth, an electric chimney does not emit carbon monoxide like a traditional fireplace does. Traditional fireplaces emit carbon monoxide during combustion. This can pose a risk to anyone who is in the home. The negative health effects multiply when the home does not have proper ventilation. Without the ventilation, the carbon monoxide is trapped within the home, thereby posing a risk to inhabitants.

Those who own an electric fireplace do not need to worry about this issue because they do not emit anything. They simply produce heat generated from the electricity. With this quality and many others, it becomes clear that the answer to “Are electric fireplaces safe?” is “yes”.

7. Can Be Left on All Night

Seventh, unlike traditional fireplaces that require consistent monitoring, an electric fireplace can be safely left on all night and unsupervised as well. Many new electric fireplaces even have features where the fireplace will turn off once it reaches a certain temperature.

These mechanisms make owning and using an electric fireplace a much safer experience and of course – more comfortable as well. Individuals can allow the fireplace to keep them warm throughout the entire day. Further, users will not need to worry about waking up to turn it offer or to adjust it in any manner.


Overall, those who are questioning if are electric fireplaces safe and are looking for a more reliable and better alternative to traditional fireplaces may want to consider an electric fireplace. As pointed out above, electric fireplaces do not contain real wood, an open flame, a chimney, and a gas tank.

Further, there are a number of safety mechanisms that ensure that the chimney can be used with minimal risk. These safety nets consist of safety-touch feature and an absence of carbon-monoxide emissions. On top of that, the fireplace can be left on all night and without supervision as well.

To enjoy the lovely aesthetic quality of a traditional fireplace yet to keep one’s home safe as well – it may be time to consider an electric fireplace for one’s home. Based upon the above information, the answer is “yes” when it comes to the question of “Are electric fireplaces safe?”

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