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Why You Should Invest in an Outdoor Electric Fireplace for Your House Warming Needs

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An outdoor electric fireplace plays a very integral role during the cold season when many people spend a significant amount of time indoors. When all that one hears is the winter howl outside the window, the fireplace provides the much-needed warmth that makes the home warm.

When compared to other types of fireplaces, the outdoor electric fireplace comes loaded with numerous benefits. Common to many people, traditional fireplaces tend to leave clothes, hair, and even the skin smelling of smoke. With the electric fireplace, the case is different, and those enjoying the warmth do not have to deal with such issues.

Let us look at all the benefits that one gets while using an outdoor electric fireplace when compared to the traditional type.

Reasons to Why Should You Purchase an Outdoor Electric Fireplace

1. Advanced and Enhanced Safety Features

The safety of the user is put in very good consideration when using the outdoor electric fireplace. First of all, the fireplace has a shut-off safety feature that shuts it down after a set amount of time. This reduces the chances of an accidental fire.

2. Very User-Friendly

Lighting up a fire is not one of the easiest things. With an electric fireplace, all that one needs is to set the amount of heat needed and then flipping the switch. There is no use of a flue, no need to make sure that the fire maintains a certain heat ration and putting it out when done. This is all solved with a switch.

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3. A Wide Range of Fireplace Styles

With an outdoor electric fireplace, a homeowner is in a position to find a suitable fireplace that goes in tandem with the style of their home. There are different modern and traditional styles that can be chosen from to ensure that one gets what suits them most.

4. Outdoor Electric Fireplaces Are Not Very Expensive

Outdoor electric fireplaces are not very cheap to install, but the best thing about them is the fact that they give the homeowner the convenience to have them installed in different sections of the home as opposed to traditional fireplaces.

In addition to that, they also play a very integral role in the homeowner saving on winter heating bills. Even though one is required to pay for the electricity, it is not comparable to using other types of fuel to heat the house.

4. There Is the Option of Portable Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

Unlike the traditional fireplace, the electric outdoor fireplace provides the homeowner with portability. Many come in free standing cabinets and to add icing to the cake; many come with rollers to make portability much easier.

5. They Do Not Need Chimneys

Gone are the days when all homes used to be built with chimneys. In fact, some homes have ornamental recesses that are not very friendly to real fires. The best thing with an electric fireplace is the fact that it still provides the homeowner with the beautiful architectural element.

This comes accompanied by a fireplace as well as the functional fireplace that they truly deserve and crave for. An electric fireplace is designed to meet the housewarming need without necessarily having to spend too much time.

6. They Last a Long Time

An outdoor electric fireplace lasts a surprisingly long time. This is because they are less susceptible to problems like rust or corrosion. Even with many years of use, they are still able to function and look like new.

7. Low Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a functional fireplace is not one of the easiest things when it comes to home maintenance. In traditional fireplaces for instance, when fuel burns, it produces ash and fumes. When the fumes get up in the chimney, they provide soot that needs to get regularly cleaned.

With electric fireplaces, the case is different. Since they do not burn real fuel, they do not need to be regularly cleaned. All that one needs is to turn it on or off when the need arises.

During the cold months, every home will require some warmth. Luckily for homeowners who have settled for outdoor electric fireplaces, many of them have a remote control as well as thermostat controls for easy regulation and regulation.

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Types of Outdoor Electric Fireplaces that Are Available

Outdoor electric fireplaces exist as all-in-one units as well as logs or fireplace inserts. The best thing, however, is the fact that many of them operate safely without venting. Homeowners who prefer all in one unit are taken care of in fireplaces that have media stands and that have traditional mantels. Those who prefer a better version of design are taken care of in-wall hanging unit fireplaces.

How Electric Fireplaces Work

Typically, an electric fireplace operates on a standard 120-volt outlet. It uses two heat types; forced fan and infrared quartz. For the forced fan, a silent fan blows over coils that are heated to produce warmth that is circulated in the room.
For the infrared quartz type, on the other hand, invisible infrared light is used to produce heat. Immediately the heat touches things; it warms them as opposed to warming the air around.

Factors That Should Be Considered When Choosing an Outdoor Electric Fireplace

When making the selection, it is important for the homeowner to consider how they will use the unit and also the size of the space they want to heat. When it comes to areas more than 400 square feet, forced fan fireplaces are the best. On the other hand, infrared quartz units work best for areas that do not have less than 1,000 square feet. When choosing the fireplaces, it is important to consider whether the area has a ceiling or not so as to correctly choose.

For matters safety, it is advisable to keep away any fabrics that can ignite. When the mantel is in use, caution should be made to see to it that every safety hazard is observed to the letter to avoid any accidents. All said and done; the outdoor electric fireplace remains the most advanced and economical outdoor source of warmth in cold seasons.

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