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How to Find the Perfect Patio Heaters

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Enjoy the outdoors, even in the winter, with the perfect patio heater.

Transforming your outdoor patio into an oasis of relaxation means having something you can enjoy all year long. For homeowners with colder climates, however, this may be a challenge.

Luckily, with an outdoor heater in place, you can enjoy comfortable temperatures at all times. There are various styles and power sources when it comes to patio heaters, which is why it’s important to make an informed decision.

Read on to find out what to look for in an outdoor heater, and which models to choose from!

Tips for Choosing Your Patio Heater

If you’re shopping for a patio heater, there are a few things to consider that can help you find the perfect unit for your home. They include:

  • Patio Size: In most situations, an outdoor heater is not meant to heat a large area, especially if the area you plan on heating is not enclosed. This is why taking accurate measurements when you start shopping for a heater is a great way to find the right unit for you. A small heater, for example, is ideal for an enclosed area like a table situated under a gazebo. If you need to heat a larger area, like a deck, then a few standing units may be a better fit.
  • Budget: Your budget dictates the type of unit you’re going to purchase. With a heater, the larger your budget, the more heating you can get, especially if you plan on buying multiple units for various outdoor locations. When you start your search, set a budget and make a comparison with the more popular models on the market. This will help you understand your buying power.
  • Type of Heat: Electric, wood powered, or propane patio heaters can all be options when you go to purchase a unit for your home. While each has its benefits, including energy efficiency or comfort, it’s important to find out which model is right for you. If you’re planning on putting the heater under a roofed area, then a wood powered unit may not be your best choice. Similarly, don’t plan on purchasing an electric unit that will be installed far from an energy source.
  • Design: The design of your outdoor heater can vary greatly. Some of the more common models include freestanding, wall mounted, and fireplace models. Consider the design aesthetic of your home and make the right choice for you. It’s also important to check the actual size of the heater. Standing heaters can offer plenty of heat, but if it’s too tall to go under your outdoor roof, then it won’t be the right fit for you.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will find the perfect outdoor heater for your home in no time.

5 Benefits of Having an Outdoor Heater

Now that you know how to find a heater, why should you get on in the first place? There are plenty of benefits to getting an outdoor heater, and our top five reasons are:

1. Safe Operation

Outdoor heaters, especially electric models, are a safe way to provide heat in your patio. While traditional fire pits are a nice way to warm up on a cold night, the open flame and need for wood can all be a dangerous addition to any outdoor area.

2. Extended Outdoor Season

For folks living up north, the time that you can spend outdoors is always limited by the seasons. With an outdoor heater, you can extend that time, and enjoy time outside with the whole family, even in the winter.

3. Versatile Installation

Patio heaters come in plenty of shapes and sizes, which offer a ton of versatility as far as installation is concerned. This is particularly beneficial for people with finished outdoor areas like gazebos and dens, as heaters can be integrated with the initial construction and decoration.

4. Affordability

Probably one of the best perks of buying an outdoor heater is the fact that they won’t break the bank. In comparison to other heating systems, because of their small size, you can easily purchase more than one heater, which can spread the access to heat throughout your patio.

5. Added Comfort

When you decide to go outside, it should be to relax. That is why patio heaters are such a great investment over traditional heating options. Unlike a fire, you won’t have to consistently get wood and go through the process of lighting it. Additionally, there is no smoke or harsh smells; there’s just on-demand heat whenever you want.

To enjoy these benefits and more, be sure to start your search for an outdoor heater today. Best of all, whether you get a small tabletop unit, or a complete propane patio heater, you’ll have instant access to warmth even in the wintertime.

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