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How to Pick the Best Heater for Your Needs

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Looking to install a new heater? Whether you’re replacing an old system or starting from scratch, how do you pick the right heater for you?

Pick The Right Heater: The Best Heater for Rural Needs

wood burning stove for rural areas

If your house is a bit off the beaten path and you enjoy chopping wood a wood-burning stove can be a fantastic option.

First off, it doesn’t require any infrastructure. If you’re either so far out that a gas line isn’t a guarantee, or you can’t rely on gas or electricity in inclement weather, having a self-sustaining system can quite literally save your life. Or, at the very least, help you stay comfy when the thermometer freezes over.

Secondly, wood is actually cheaper per BTU than electricity, gas, or oil. It’s even cheaper still if you have your own source of wood.

Thirdly, a wooden-burning stove has less moving parts than other options and requires very little maintenance. As long as you’re good about cleaning it, it can be a fairly stress-free choice.

Consider a Boiler for Cleaner Air

a boiler system for clean air

A boiler system works by heating water at the boiler (usually by gas). And then shunting the hot water (or steam) through the home. Radiators in the home filled with the hot water, which then radiates heat throughout the home.

One of the great things about a boiler heating system is that it heats very evenly because it doesn’t rely on air-vent placement. Another great feature of boiler-based systems is that - because they don’t use heated air -  there aren’t as many allergens and contaminants floating around your house when it’s turned on.

Many people dislike that “heater smell” you get from air heaters, which isn’t present in a boiler system. The air feels cleaner – it is cleaner – and many people find it more comfortable. Plus, and this is a fairly unique feature for house-wide heaters, many boiler systems can be configured to heat rooms at separate temperatures. No more fighting over the thermostat.

If air quality is an issue for you, consider a boiler heating system.

The Most Convenient Method

furnace air heat

It’s hard to top a furnace and central heating – there’s a reason it’s the most popular heating system.

A furnace works by heating air using either electricity, oil, or gas and shooting it through the ducts of the house and into the living spaces. They’re relatively easy to maintain and don’t suffer from the burns and mishaps that can occasionally come with radiators or other heating methods.

Furnace heating has also become much more efficient in recent years and can save you money on your energy bills. They’re also incredibly popular, which means the parts to fix them are cheaper, HVAC service techs are more familiar with them, and they can be easily upgraded to clean the air.

If you love in a more humid area, air-heating may help cut some of the water in the air.

A Great Option for Milder Climates

a heat pump

Have you ever heard of a heat pump?

Though they used to be rare, they’re becoming more and more readily available. They operate by the principle of heat exchange. It is designed to absorb heat from one location and move it somewhere else.

Now, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and use very little power. Plus, they can be used to heat or cool a home – they can cool the air by transferring the heat from the inside to the outside.

Heat pumps are a perfect option for people living in milder climates. Unfortunately, they aren’t great for extreme weather, heat or cold. But if your weather is relatively well-behaved, a heat pump can reap cost savings year-round.

Try an Electric Fireplace for a Small Space

electric fireplace parts

If you’re not looking to heat an entire house, and only one or two spaces need the heat, an electric fireplace is a relatively cheap and easy-to-install option for your home.

An electric fireplace plugs right into a standard 110-volt outlet and is ready to go right away. They use heating coils and forced air to warm the room and can get quite sophisticated with their fire illusions. The flames are usually created by LEDs, and sometimes there’s even false smoke created by water vapor.

If you only need to heat a living room, a bedroom, or a dining room, an electric fireplace is a great option.


You want to pick the right heater for your needs. No heater is right for every climate, every budget, and every preference.

If you’re out in the middle of nowhere and love chopping wood, a wood-burning heating system is perfect. If you love clean air and even heating, consider a boiler. Do you want something that always works, won’t devour your budget? And easy to repair, a furnace air heater is right in your wheelhouse.

If you live where it doesn’t get hot or cold, a heat pump is right up your alley.

Consider all of your options and choose the heater that’s best for you.

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