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Top 8 Touchstone Electric Fireplaces Reviews

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During a cold winter night, nothing livens the heart like the sight of a crackling fireplace. However, fireplaces are hard work. Additionally, they produce smoke and ashes that often end up entering the room no matter how cautious you are. Luckily, modern technology has given us the wonder of electric fireplaces. Even more recently, Touchstone electric fireplace options have offered us never-seen-before levels of quality when it comes to replicating real fireplaces without any of the drawbacks.

Taking into account looks, practicality, temperature control and overall quality, this guide will go over the best Touchstone electric fireplaces.

Top 8 Touchstone Electric Fireplaces

1. The Forte Recessed Electric Fireplace

Touchstone electric fireplace

People often complain that electric fireplaces have too many buttons, vents, and other distracting fixtures. The Forte goes the complete opposite way by cleverly hiding anything that does not look like a natural part of a fireplace. It has a unique design. Also, it features an incredibly realistic set of flames rising from white stones instead of the usual pile of wood.

Visually generous and ample, this fantastic Touchstone electric fireplace was designed specifically for in-wall recess. However, it can also be mounted anywhere you see fit. The unit’s clever design make it easy to access the heating controls regardless of the mounting position.

2. The Sideline 72 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace

a Touchstone sideline electric fireplace

Boasting a very healthy 72 inches of width, this Touchstone electric fireplace provides a lush and luxurious experience. It is perfect for large family rooms. Designed to be built into the wall, the Sideline will instantly become a part of any room.

It features an incredibly realistic flame that will trick more than one person into thinking it’s an actual fire. Incredibly, it does all this without expelling smoke or hot air through vents of any kind. Featuring five different flame display settings and a separate heating control, this is one of Touchstone’s most versatile electric fireplaces.

3. ValueLine72 10-Color Electric Fireplace

Touchstone electric fireplace

While many people prefer a traditional fireplace with regular-looking flames, there are also those who want more variety. For those people there is the ValueLine 72, an electric fireplace that combines realistic flames with stunning colors. This Touchstone electric fireplace allows users to choose between 10 different flame colors.

As if that wasn’t marvelous enough, it includes a ten color crystal hearth that can also be adjusted to act in combination to the flames, resulting in marvelous visual effects. For heat, this fireplace also includes a built-in thermostat that uses a touchscreen display for adjustment.

4. Touchstone Emblazon Series Wall-Length Linear Electric Fireplaces

a living room with a Touchstone electric fireplace

Sometimes, a regular-sized electric fireplace just won’t cut it. This is particularly true for large houses and establishments such as restaurants, hotels and conference rooms. Luckily, Touchstone has a product series like Emblazon, which is characterized by its options in length.

Ranging from 50.4 inches to 139.9 inches, the Emblazon series allow customers to find the most appropriate size of Touchstone electric fireplace for them. Featuring ultra-realistic flames, these landscape fireplaces are capable of warming up any room, helping guests feel welcome.

5. AudioFlare Stainless 3-Color Fireplace with Bluetooth Audio

a Touchstone Audioflare stainless fireplace

Today, Touchstone electric fireplaces are so realistic many people have trouble distinguishing their flames from a real fire. However, most of them lack one thing: the beautiful crackling sound of real fire. Luckily, thanks to the AudioFlare, that is no longer an issue.

Using a Bluetooth connection, this product delivers quality audio that imitates the kind of real fireplace crackling sounds that many people find soothing and relaxing. Additionally, this device is capable of becoming synced to your phone audio player, enabling you to enjoy your favorite songs and radio programs.

6. The Ivory Electric Fireplace

a small Touchstone Ivory electric fireplace

Differentiating itself from any other Touchstone electric fireplace, this product is framed by a marble-white, elegant structure. Adding to the uniqueness of this product, two different types of flame are available: Log set and crystal. The visually stunning flames it displays are incredibly relaxing.

However, the Ivory Electric Fireplace does not limit itself to visual flare. It features two different heating settings that are capable of improving the temperature of rooms of up to 400 square feet. It is easy to install. Moreover, you can place this Touchstone electric fireplace on or in the wall.

7. The Edgeline 28 Inch LED Electric Firebox Fireplace Insert

a Touchstone Edgeline electric fireplace

Many people want to replace their old fireplace with a Touchstone electric fireplace. They often argue that traditional fireplaces are too expensive, too difficult to get going or simply too messy. The Edgeline grants them their wishes since it has a design hat substitutes your current wood or gas fireplace insert. It features a realistic firescreen with five different settings ranging from a soft ember glow to a fully-flaming fire. It also helps heat up rooms of up to 400 square feet.

8. The Mirror Onyx Electric Fireplace with Heat and Mirror Glass

a Touchstone Mirror Onyx electric fireplace

Providing a unique and elegant twist to the classic Touchstone electric fireplace, the Mirror Onyx turns into a luxurious mirror when the flames are not on. When it is on, however, the flames are so life-like that they will fool more one guest. Its 50 inches provide a charming and compelling visual display. One can adjust it to fit his or her personal taste. Additionally, it heats up any room using two different settings of either 1500 or 750 watts.

Touchstone Electric Fireplace: Summing It Up

It is without a doubt that a Touchstone electric fireplace is a convenient way to infuse a room with elegance and warmth. The Touchstone electric fireplace features all the things that make a traditional fireplace such a staple of social gatherings: the comforting warmth, the mesmerizing visual spectacle, and the overall relaxing experience.

However, it does not represent any of the hard work, hassle, and messiness that the traditional version of a fireplace does. Additionally, it has the kind of high-quality that only Touchstone can guarantee. Have you ever experienced a Touchstone electric fireplace? What is your favorite model? Please, let us know in the comment section below!

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