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Top 4 Best Northwest Electric Fireplace Options in 2018 2021 - Best Electric Fireplace Reviews & Buying Guides

There are many reasons to choose a Northwest electric fireplace for your home over a traditional wood burning or gas style fireplace. One reason is that you can install them virtually anywhere. This is because they do not need a gas vent or vents to be used, just a standard electrical socket.

They are also a great energy efficient choice because they use less energy per square foot to heat a room. They also have no mercury in their bulbs. Costs related to running a Northwest electric fireplace are well below that of having to purchase firewood or gas.

This article will show you some Northwest electric fireplace options to consider. The following products are listed by price, from the most expensive to the most affordable one.

1: Northwest – Fire and Ice Electric Fireplace – Black 42”

a black Northwest - Fire and Ice Electric Fireplace


Keep your home cozy with this Northwest Fire and Ice 80-2000A-42 electric fireplace. This model features an adjustable LED flame with a unique blue and orange color. It has dual heat setting options to provide you with the ideal heating needs up to 1500W. This fireplace generates enough heat to keep a room up to 700 square feet warm.

The included remote gives you an easy way to turn your fireplace features on and off, adjust settings or the dimmer, from anywhere in the room. Color changing LED flames go from orange to blue, and back again for a truly beautiful and unique look. Its stylish design incorporates crystals, black glass, and a painted seal to enhance its attractive presence and elegance.


  • Attractive colors.
  • Mount in any room on any wall.
  • Makes a great focal point.
  • Great quality for a low price.
  • Ample heat output.


  • Some claim the flames do not look real enough.
  • Some minor complaints about certain features creating noise.
  • Needs more plastic crystals to properly cover the bottom.

Price: $216.29.

2: Northwest 36″ Mahogany Fireplace with Wall Mount and Floor Stand

a Northwest 36 inches Mahogany Fireplace with Wall Mount and Floor Stand


Warmth and beauty await you with this 36″ Mahogany Northwest electric fireplace. With an electric fireplace, you have the freedom to place it in any room and forget about the upkeep of sweeping out and cleaning the filthy ash-ridden chimney. This 36” fireplace comes with all the installation hardware you need.

It will give your room a beautiful contemporary look with its mahogany finish and adjustable flame brightness. Dual heat settings give you control over the amount of heat up to 750W or 1500W. Add a remote that can be used to create the ambiance you desire at the touch of a button, and you will be in the lap of luxury.


  • Lose the hazards and mess of a traditional fireplace.
  • 2 Heat setting options.
  • Safety thermal cut-off switch.
  • It comes with a 71” cord.
  • Efficient and even heat distribution.
  • It is cost effective.
  • Attractive and clean heating alternative.
  • Comes with faux wood for realistic ambiance.
  • This fireplace has an easy installation process.


  • There were a few complaints about noise.

Price: $136.59.

3: Northwest 25″ Mini Curved Black Fireplace with Wall and Floor Mount

a Northwest 25 inches Mini Curved Black Fireplace with Wall and Floor Mount


If you are looking to add a more modern look to your home, this Mini Curved Northwest electric fireplace is for you. It is sleek and streamlined attractively creating the perfect focal point. At a mere 25 inches, it gives you a plethora of mounting options.

The log fuel effect provides a beautiful ambiance for you and your family to enjoy. Dual heat settings give you the versatility to adjust your heat to your liking at a cost-efficient price without the hassles that come along with a wood burning fireplace.


  • It comes with an extra-long 72” cord.
  • Small convenient dimensions.
  • 750W or 1500W settings.
  • Safety thermal cut-off switch.
  • Adjustable flame brightness.
  • It has a remote control.
  • Use flame ambiance setting independently.
  • It is a portable electric fireplace.


  • Must use remote to dim flames.
  • Some noise complaints when using the heater aspect.
  • Stand option not very sturdy, may not be ideal for households with children or pets.
  • Issues with screws being too large for brackets.
  • Poor customer service response.

Price: $112.19.

4: Northwest 13″ Portable Mini Electric Fireplace Heater

a Northwest 13 inches Portable Mini Electric Fireplace Heater


With this Portable Mini Northwest electric fireplace, you can expect a portable option that can be taken from your home to your office. Its compact design gives you 13 inches of cozy heat with two heat settings of up to 500W or 1000W.

With the use of an electric fireplace over a traditional one, you not only get the portability, but you get safety features and lose all of the upkeep associated with wood burning options. With the realistic wood and 3D flame effect, you can still enjoy the incredible ambiance.


  • It is a portable fireplace.
  • Can be used on the floor or a tabletop.
  • It has a glass front.
  • Flame ambiance can be used independently.
  • It comes with dual heat settings.
  • Safety cut-off switch.
  • Ample heat for smaller rooms.


  • Difficulties replacing bulb due to missing manual.

Price: $46.65.

Bottom Line

Northwest electric fireplaces give you the option of heating your home with ambiance and safety. The above Northwest electric fireplace options are also more versatile allowing for wall mounting options that only need access to a regular wall socket to plug it into. This means any room in your house is likely an option.

Have you ever thought of having your own fireplace in your master bathroom? Well, now you can accomplish that dream. With the portable option, you can take the warmth on the go. Whatever your application or purpose, Northwest has an option that will work for you.

Please feel free to leave any experiences or suggestions for others looking to incorporate an electric fireplace in their own homes.

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