an electric fireplace insert with a classic elegant white mantle

How to Convert Wood Fireplace to Electric-11 Steps.

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Wood fireplaces have been an integral part of every architect’s plan since time immemorial. However, with the passage of time, many homeowners are turning to more efficient ways of keeping their homes warm. With the global campaigns against cutting of trees, the easiest alternative to firewood is electricity. The process of converting from a wood fireplace to electric fireplace doesn’t need to be complicated. So, how do you convert wood fireplace to electric?

Changing from a wood fireplace to an electric one has a lot of advantages. Electricity is more efficient and stable and can be regulated to provide just the right amount of heat as required.It is also a clean source of heat and does not produce smoke and fumes.

It is possible to convert wood fireplace to electric fireplace without necessarily changing the whole design. This article focuses on how to convert wood fireplace to electric fireplace in eleven easy to follow steps.

#1. Make a List of Things You Will Need

Before embarking on the process to convert wood fireplace to electric, you will need to make a list of the items required to make the conversion possible. These items may include:

In addition to the above items, you will need screws and chalk for marking the exact fitting positions. You will also need to have an electricity connection or a reliable source of electric power.

#2. Purchase the Needed Items

The next step is purchasing the listed items. You will need to purchase these items from a trusted dealer to ensure good quality. The energy requirements for the electric fireplace insert are a major factor to consider at this stage.

#3. Ensure There Is an Accessible Electrical Outlet for the Fireplace

Now that you will install an electric heating system in the place of your old wood fireplace, you will need to provide power for it. It is important to note that the outlet should have the volt capacity required to power the electric fireplace insert.

#4. Remove the Wood Burning Grill

In order to convert wood fireplace to electric fireplace, the wood fireplace burner will have to go. It is at this point that you must remove it, clean the hearth and prepare for the next step.

#5. Install the Electric Fireplace Insert

It is now time to install the electric fireplace. To achieve this, a piece of the sturdy cardboard is fitted onto the hearth of the fireplace. This is where you should place the electric fireplace insert, right on the cardboard. You should then slide it gently towards the back wall of the fireplace and ensure it is placed in a central position.

an elegant electric fireplace with a white mantle

#6. Seal Off the Chimney Flue

Since your new electric fireplace will not be producing fumes and smoke, you will find it necessary to seal off the chimney flue. Sealing the flue helps prevent unnecessary heat loss. You can easily seal off the chimney flue using the chimney cap.

#7. Make Chalk Markings of All the Panel Positions

Using white chalk, mark the positions where you would like to fix your paneling. These markings should be parallel to the pre-drilled screw holes in the electric fireplace insert and should be parallel to the front and sides of the fireplace.

#8. Fix the Panels

Align the electric fireplace insert to the panel markings made, ensuring that it still remains centrally positioned in the hearth area. Using screws, fasten the top extender panels to the electric fireplace insert. Repeat the same procedure for the side panels.

#9. Seal Off the Joints Between the Electric Insert and Panels

In order to avoid heat loss and maintain a presentable outlook, you will need to apply chimney caulk to the joints between the electric insert and paneling.

#10. Install the Insulation

A very important component when you convert wood fireplace to electric fireplace is the insulation. The electric insert needs to be well insulated to prevent heat loss. Ensure that all sides of the insert are well insulated.

#11. Connect to Power Supply

It is now time to connect the new electric fireplace to the power supply. When you decide to convert wood fireplace to electric, you decide to do away with the hassle of splitting firewood and enjoy a warm house with the flip of a switch. It is at this stage that you check to see if your installation process was successful.

Having finished the process, you can now enjoy the benefits of an electric fireplace at a fraction of the cost. It is much cheaper to convert wood fireplace to electric than to completely demolish the whole thing.

Another benefit that you enjoy when you convert wood fireplace to electric is the rustic touch. Your fireplace gets to maintain its traditional wood fire appearance while providing unparalleled efficiency.

Drawing to a Close

Once you convert your wood fireplace to electric, you are done with the smoke and soot problems, and better still, the insect problem that comes with wood is gone for good. The maintenance for an electric fireplace is also way cheaper as compared to wood.

The only thing you will get to miss is the distinct crackle of burning wood, and the aroma it brings. Either way, there is no denying that the benefits of having an electric fireplace in place of your old wood fire will substantially outweigh the things you miss. Convert wood fireplace to electric, and enjoy the realistic flame that burns in its hearth at the touch of a button.

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