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How Does an Ethanol Fireplace Work?

Ethanol Fireplace

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As an interior décor enthusiast, I’m always looking for some creative ways to keep my home warm and show it off when friends and family visit. I’ve heard about ethanol fireplaces, but I wasn’t sure if they worked as regular fireplaces. I decided to do my research on these fireplaces, and below is what I found. 

How does an ethanol fireplace work? Ethanol fireplaces have a burner that you pour the ethanol fluid and use a lighter to fire up the flames. The heat generated quickly warms an indoor living area.

An ethanol fire lasts for up to five hours, and the flames go away. However, you can add fuel to prolong the time the fire stays on. An ethanol fireplace is considered an eco-friendly option and works well for those who want low maintenance.

Read on to learn more about ethanol fireplace, and reasons why they are becoming popular,

Why is Ethanol an Excellent Option as a Fuel Source?


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Ethanol is a biofuel, which makes it a fantastic alternative to fossil fuels. The corn-made fuel allows you to replenish it, not to forget that it’s an eco-friendly choice. You don’t have to deal with the mess left by wood as its low maintenance. 

If you have respiratory problems, you can rest as ethanol doesn’t emit any fumes. You can enjoy a quiet evening without worrying about ashes or flying sparks. 

Types of Ethanol Fireplaces

You can find both electric and manual fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are not in contact with the biofuel. Also, the fuel used is in a reservoir, where the temperature is raised to allow the ethanol to evaporate into the burner. A spark system ignites these vapors in the fireplace. 

Electric fireplaces enable you to turn the flames on and off. You can also regulate the flame size using a remote control, a mobile app, or a smart home system. Moreover, these fireplaces have a microprocessor in the setup; this is to control the burning process. You can be sure of your safety that the furnaces have a sensor that puts out the flame in case of any anomalies like low oxygen or high temperatures. 

Where Can You Place an Ethanol Fireplace?

Apartment with ethanol fireplace

Image via pexels

One advantage of an ethanol fireplace is that it doesn’t need electricity or gas to function. You can place the fireplace on the wall if you need to save space. Some tabletop styles are small, which allows them to move them from one place to another.

Those looking for a sophisticated look that is different from the conventional fireplace will find the recessed styles unique. The best part is that you don’t need a chimney or vent, something that allows you to place in any room. Some ethanol fireplaces also work when you’re outdoors.

Safety Tips When Using Ethanol Fireplaces

Before you rush to use a bio fireplace, you need to take specific steps to get the most out of it. That ensures that you don’t compromise on safety and that the device stays in excellent condition. 

Some of these tips include:

Using the Correct Fuel

Pour the Fuel Correctly

Use a Long Candle Lighter

Always close the Fireplace

Refuel after a While

Do Not Place Anything Flammable Next to the Fireplace

How Do Ethanol Fireplaces Work?

How does an ethanol fireplace work? Ethanol fireplaces are not technical to operate. They have a holder that vary depending on the size of your fireplace. These holders keep the fuel. You can find the right bio-fuel from outdoor supply stores or home improvement stores.

After getting the fuel, use a funnel to fill the holding area to the fill line. Clean any accidental spills before lighting the fireplace. The next step is to use a long barbeque lighter, a long match, or a candle lighter to light the fireplace. Ensure that you’re at an arm’s length when lighting the fireplace. 

The fuel burns low at first, but after ten minutes, the flame will get to its optimal height. Stay away from drafts if you want an extended burning time. You’ll find that some ethanol fireplaces allow you to adjust them, while others do not. You can use the tool to reduce the flames or cover the opening with a lid to cut off oxygen.

Extinguishing the Fire

You can let the fuel burn out entirely if you have time, this ensures that you won’t have to deal with leftovers for the next time you need to use the fireplace.

Alternatively, you can use the snuffer tool to cover the opening; this will reduce the circulation of oxygen, which burns out the flames. Avoid touching the fireplace or refueling after extinguishing the fire. Wait for it to cool before refilling. 

Maintaining an Ethanol Fireplace

Ethanol fireplaces do not have moving parts or motors that need maintenance or repairs. Also, you don’t have to deal with ignitors or line connections as it isn’t gas supplied. However, ethanol burns clean, which means that the fireplaces need to be cleaned after use. 

Do not clean the fireplace while it’s hot or still running. Use a damp rag to wipe the fireplace down. Ensure that you remove any smudges, spills, or dust. Check if the mounting is sturdy and stable when cleaning as you don’t want it to loosen while you’re cleaning. 

Use soap and warm water to remove any marks. If you’re using a stainless steel ethanol fireplace, you can use a creamy stainless steel cleaner.

Remember that your burner is exposed to different elements like heat and varying temperatures, which can all cause discoloration. You may notice the burner turning black and slightly yellow after some time. Make sure that you thoroughly clean the burner every month. 

Avoid using scrubbing sponges or chemicals to clean the fireplace as this could damage the fireplace. Do not submerge the burner under water. Keep your maintenance limited to avoid destroying your stove. Get a quality stainless steel polisher. 

Common FAQs on Ethanol Fireplaces

Some of the common questions about ethanol fireplaces include:

Do ethanol Fireplaces Produce Heat?

How simple are Ethanol Fireplaces to Install?

Is Bioethanol Eco-friendly?

Final Thoughts

How does an ethanol fireplace work? We hope you now have an idea about how this biofuel fireplace works. Ethanol fireplaces are modern and provide a relaxed and elegant look to your house. What’s more, these fireplaces heat up to 40sqm efficiently. The eco-friendly alternative to wood doesn’t smell or smoke.

You’ll love how simple it is to use and operate, not to mention the costs you’ll have saved than installing a real chimney. Be sure to exercise caution when operating it, and always read the manufacturer’s manual before using ethanol fireplaces.

The Top 10 Best Stone Electric Fireplace Models Money Can Buy

More often than not, people choose to incorporate electric fireplaces into their homes for one simple reason: they are easier to maintain than traditional wood burners. But besides the supplemental heating, fireplaces that run on electricity can also serve a decorative function, especially if you’re willing to invest a little extra money into a unit with a stunning finish. Stone electric fireplaces, in particular, will fit right into a rustic room and instantly elevate the décor, making for a great statement piece.

That being said, it’s important to consider the features when shopping for a fireplace, not just the eye-grabbing design. We’ve gathered some of the best models on the market below to help you figure out which stone electric fireplace will work for both your needs and budget. 

10. JAMFLY Electric Fireplace Wall Mantel in Faux Stone

best stone electric fireplaces

This one from Jamfly comes in a beautiful rustic style, with realistic flame effects that complement its warm glow. With a multi-function touch screen as well as a remote control, this electric fireplace is also incredibly easy to control. Best of all, it comes with a limited one-year warranty! You can find it on Amazon, where it rates 4.5 out of 5 stars.

9. JAMFLY Wood Electric Fireplace Mantel Package

 JAMFLY 36'' Wood Electric Fireplace Mantel Package - stone electric fireplace

Another product from Jamfly, this stove offers a different look and slightly different capabilities. It's also about half the price. With a stylish and environmentally friendly design, this electric fireplace earns customer praise for its quiet effectiveness. Customers on Amazon are highly satisfied, rating it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

It has multiple flame types and visual settings, allowing you a good degree of customization. It also comes with two heating modes. One is 750 watts, and the other is 1500. Like the other option from Jamfly, it comes with a one year warranty.

8. 38-inch Electric Fireplace by Decor Flame

a beautiful living room with a stone electric fireplace

The Decor Flame 38-inch fireplace is a fantastic freestanding option. This stone electric fireplace has a top quality fan that evenly distributes heat throughout the room. You can also run it without the heat function if you ever want to enjoy the flames during the warmer months. The fireplace comes with a remote control that allows you to operate it from across the room for convenience. An overheat cut-off device ensures your family will be safe from any overheating.

7. The Faux Stone Electric Portable Fireplace Light by OK Lighting

an OK Lighting electric fireplace

OK Lighting offers this faux stone electric fireplace that has a heater control and a dazzling flame effect which brightens up any room. The fireplace mantel produces a soft glow that ensures a relaxing ambiance year-round. Moreover, it measures 29.5-inches wide so it can fit easily into any space. It’s also portable, which means that you can move it from room to room without too much hassle.

6. Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Media Fireplace

Top 10 Best Stone Electric Fireplaces to Consider Buying

Are you looking for more than just a fireplace? If so, this fireplace and media center from Southern Enterprises is a great one. This beautiful product is definitely a contender for the best stone electric fireplace.

The gorgeous design and ability to function as a media center make this electric fireplace a perfect centerpiece for your living room. Although it's a little on the spendy side, customers couldn't be more satisfied -- the average reviewer gives it a glowing 4.6 out of 5 stars.

5. Southern Enterprises Media Electric Fireplace -- Faux Stone Front

Top 10 Best Stone Electric Fireplaces to Consider Buying

Southern Enterprises makes beautiful, stylish fireplaces, and so it's no surprise that more than one has appeared on our list.

This energy-efficient fireplace can quickly and quietly heat up to 400 square feet, according to the manufacturer. However, the one verified reviewer so far on Amazon confirms that this is a high-quality product, giving it a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars. It's stately and elegant, perfect for a study or living room.

One cool feature this fireplace has is hidden storage. This is a pretty useful thing to have, especially if you're looking to use a fireplace as part of a media center.

4. Dark Wood and Stone Fireplace by OK Lighting

a stone electric fireplace with dark wooden edges

The stone electric fireplace by OK Lighting is the ideal blend of darkness and light. The rich wood tones perfectly complement the stone color variance, ensuring a smooth and eye-grabbing finish. It measures 40.25-inches wide and offers an attractive glow from the realistic faux flames. This fireplace serves to create a cozy ambiance, but can also heat up a room to keep you warm and comfortable. It’s a heavy-weight unit, coming in at just over 100LBs. Remember that you might be eligible for free shipping, so it’s a good idea to check Amazon and see what delivery options are available to you.

3. Southern Enterprises Media Electric Fireplace -- Faux Granite Finish

Top 10 Best Stone Electric Fireplaces to Consider Buying

If you are looking for a little bit lighter style than the previous option, this one from Southern Enterprises might fit the bill instead. It has the same hidden storage feature and heating capabilities, but is in a warmer, more inviting style. Depending on your home decor, it may be more suitable. They are both of similar high-quality construction.

On Amazon, it gets a decent rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The lone reviewer praises the beauty of the piece, but also states that it shipped with some minor damage.

2. Plow & Hearth Electric Fireplace

best stone electric fireplaces

This efficient infrared quartz heater comes with a remote-control and features an automatic-off timer. The timer is adjustable from half an hour to nine hours. The fireplace mantle comes fully assembled, which means that you won’t have to do much once it’s there. It’s also a safe choice for households with children and/or pets. You should measure your space carefully before placing your order - the unit is 40 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 40 inches high.

All in all, this freestanding fireplace is an efficient heater that offers several settings for flames, brightness, and speed. It can warm up a room of up to a thousand square feet, so it’s definitely a sturdy supplemental heating source during winter. You may be eligible for free shipping – remember to check Amazon to figure it out.

1. Fieldstone Pine and Stone Fireplace by Dimplex

a Fieldstone Pine and Stone electric fireplace

On the pricey side, this fireplace from Dimplex comes in as one of the more expensive options on our top ten list — but the unit more than meets customer expectations. This beautiful stone electric fireplace features an elegant wood mantle, as well as a life-like flame effect with inner glow logs molded from wood logs for a realistic look.

The Fieldstone model comes with a remote control that allows you to turn the heat on or off. Moreover, you can easily adjust the settings and flame instantly from anywhere in the room. This 55.5-inch fireplace has a 26-inch electric firebox and is able to operate with and without heat. In short, it’s a stylish and practical choice for any household.

Why Consider a Stone Electric Fireplace?

True, no electric fireplace mantle, regardless of how realistic, can match a real fire. However, a few come very close. Plus, the electric version does offer some serious perks. 

First off, an electric fireplace is low-maintenance. You don’t have to keep the fire going or clean the chimney – you plug it in and you’re good to go. They provide supplemental heat efficiently, but also ensure that snug ambiance we all crave during the cold season. Stone electric fireplaces are easy to assemble and some providers offer free shipping, so you might end up saving some cash in this department as well.

Finally, they’re safer than real flames, especially for households with kids, and work better in smaller spaces. All things worth considering when taking on a home improvement project that involves shopping for a supplemental heating source. 

Features to Look for in an Electric Fireplace

When looking for an electric fireplace, three main features should be on top of your priority list:

  • Safety – only purchase from trusted manufacturers and check the list of specifications carefully to make sure the unit will be safe. Prioritize fireplaces that come with a built-in safety shutoff and safe-to-touch glass.
  • Power – if you’re buying an electric fireplace mainly for its heating capabilities, look for one with a powerful heater. While some smaller fireplaces do a good job at heating an average-sized room, others (like #2 on our list), can warm up an even larger space.
  • Realistic flames – besides an appealing overall design, the electric fireplace should also come with flames that resemble the real deal. Some even offer extra features like backlighting, side lighting, and different color flames. When possible, look for video reviews online to see the fireplace in action to make sure it’s worth your hard-earned cash.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a reliable heating source or want to be able to enjoy the warm atmosphere associated with glowing flames, you’ll likely find something on our list of best stone electric fireplace models to meet your needs. Remember to pay attention to the list of features and measure your available space carefully to ensure the unit will fit right in. You’ll be relaxing by the faux fire in no time.

10 Benefits of Heating with Wood

There are many reasons why you should be heating with wood, and there are countless benefits to the use of wood stoves and burning wood.

While there are too many advantages to count, there are 10 benefits of heating with wood that you must know.

Everything from healthy environments and ecosystems to efficiency and convenience will give you plenty of convincing by the end of this article.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 benefits of using wood heat that every homeowner should be aware of.

1. Using Wood Heat in Your Home Cuts Your Electric Bill

woman sitting in front of a fireplace heating with wood

During the winter, the weather is not just cold.  It’s expensive.

It’s made obvious (by science and your monthly bills) that the cold outside makes your heater fight to keep it warmer inside.

Well, when you use wood heat, you are minimizing the amount of time you must use your central heater. And by the end of the month, you will be thanking your wood heat more than ever.

2. It Leads to a Much Healthier Lifestyle in Heating with Wood

wood gatherings for heating with wood

The second of the top 10 benefits of heating with wood is the fact that cutting your own wood, being more hands-on, and hauling in your own wood is a great way to get fit and in shape.

Not only do you have the confidence that you know where your wood and heat are coming from, but you are also getting a good workout while doing so.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight or tone up some muscles, there’s no need to pay for an expensive gym membership…just start using your own wood.

3. You’re Always Prepared for Emergencies

a fireplace heating with wood

Whether it be winter storms or frequent power outages, if you use and cut your own wood, you will always be prepared for mother nature to surprise you.

In the winter season, if you lose power, that also means that you lose your home’s ability to heat itself. But there’s no reason to worry about this dilemma if you have plenty of wood stored that would make a great living room fire.

4. You Can Use it for Many Purposes in Heating with Wood

heating with wood for cooking

Wood isn’t just used to start fires.

For one, it can be used for cooking. If you cut and store your own wood for fire and heating purposes, you can have a family barbeque anytime you want now. Or just enjoy a naturally smoked chicken dinner any day of the week.

Also, you can use it for your stovetop. Of course, you must have a certain kind of stove to do this, but if you use firewood as your main source of heat for all your meals, you can be confident that you are placing a naturally grilled meal on your plate every day.

5. You are 100% Responsible for Everything

heating with wood on camping

In today’s culture, no one is really sure about where their food comes from or how it’s being processed, and they don’t really want to know.

Well, when you utilize your own, cut-down, hauled-in heating wood, you now are sure of and in control of how your food is cooked, how your house is heated, and how it’s being used.

This gives many farmers and everyday people alike a sense of peace.

6. Healthy for the Environment and Healthy for Your Home

burning and heating with wood

Using natural wood is very healthy for the environment and ecosystem friendly.

Instead of releasing mysterious gases full of chemicals in the air when you burn with manmade resources, you are protecting your backyard and the rest of the world by using natural resources that don’t pollute the air.

Also, think about how many chemicals, bacteria, or other types of mysterious substances enter your home when your house automatically heats itself. You don’t really know what it’s doing.

But if you rely on wood for your source of heat indoors, not only do you reduce your electric bill, but also the amount of non-natural pollutants that fill your home.

7. Makes Your House a Home

warming the house by heating with wood in the fireplace

Nothing can compare to the warm, cozy, homey feel of a house on a cold winter night.

With wood heat, you get instant access to and a lifetime supply of constant warmth, natural homesteading, the smell of beautiful outdoors in your home, a gorgeous view, and of course, inspired romance.

8. Wood Heat Has Proven Better than Normal Fireplaces

heating with wood

While you might still argue that nothing can replace your heater, a wood furnace definitely can.

Many homesteaders swear by wood fires, saying that they have proven time. And again much more powerful and effective than their installed heater.

The fact is that when you burn a fire inside your home. The wood is releasing much more kinetic energy than your heater ever will. This provides for the best top-notch insulation as well as long-lasting, satisfying warmth.

9. You Can Always Space Heat

space heating with wood

If you are limited to only a few logs of wood. Or you have a big house; you can always space heat.

By “space heating” means choosing one room that you will be. And build your fire there, keeping the rest of the house relatively cool.

This way, you aren’t wasting the fire’s warmth and energy in rooms you aren’t in.

10. It Never Runs Out

recycle woods for heating with wood

I could go on forever about how useful wood is. The fact that it is renewable is a factor that should convince you that wood burning is for you.

Even when the fire runs out, the wood doesn’t. You can reuse wood as much as you want. And if you do run out, you have a backyard full of more.

Give Natural Warmth to Your Home

natural warmth when heating with wood

There are so many reasons to consider using wood to naturally heat your home.

Not only is it all natural and safe for the environment. But using wood to heat your home also gives you warm, and homey feel like nothing else can.

It’s definitely worth the effort and the small investment. From lowering your electricity to inspiring a cozy atmosphere, traditional wood fires are extremely multipurpose.

How to Pick the Best Heater for Your Needs

Looking to install a new heater? Whether you’re replacing an old system or starting from scratch, how do you pick the right heater for you?

Pick The Right Heater: The Best Heater for Rural Needs

wood burning stove for rural areas

If your house is a bit off the beaten path and you enjoy chopping wood a wood-burning stove can be a fantastic option.

First off, it doesn’t require any infrastructure. If you’re either so far out that a gas line isn’t a guarantee, or you can’t rely on gas or electricity in inclement weather, having a self-sustaining system can quite literally save your life. Or, at the very least, help you stay comfy when the thermometer freezes over.

Secondly, wood is actually cheaper per BTU than electricity, gas, or oil. It’s even cheaper still if you have your own source of wood.

Thirdly, a wooden-burning stove has less moving parts than other options and requires very little maintenance. As long as you’re good about cleaning it, it can be a fairly stress-free choice.

Consider a Boiler for Cleaner Air

a boiler system for clean air

A boiler system works by heating water at the boiler (usually by gas). And then shunting the hot water (or steam) through the home. Radiators in the home filled with the hot water, which then radiates heat throughout the home.

One of the great things about a boiler heating system is that it heats very evenly because it doesn’t rely on air-vent placement. Another great feature of boiler-based systems is that - because they don’t use heated air -  there aren’t as many allergens and contaminants floating around your house when it’s turned on.

Many people dislike that “heater smell” you get from air heaters, which isn’t present in a boiler system. The air feels cleaner – it is cleaner – and many people find it more comfortable. Plus, and this is a fairly unique feature for house-wide heaters, many boiler systems can be configured to heat rooms at separate temperatures. No more fighting over the thermostat.

If air quality is an issue for you, consider a boiler heating system.

The Most Convenient Method

furnace air heat

It’s hard to top a furnace and central heating – there’s a reason it’s the most popular heating system.

A furnace works by heating air using either electricity, oil, or gas and shooting it through the ducts of the house and into the living spaces. They’re relatively easy to maintain and don’t suffer from the burns and mishaps that can occasionally come with radiators or other heating methods.

Furnace heating has also become much more efficient in recent years and can save you money on your energy bills. They’re also incredibly popular, which means the parts to fix them are cheaper, HVAC service techs are more familiar with them, and they can be easily upgraded to clean the air.

If you love in a more humid area, air-heating may help cut some of the water in the air.

A Great Option for Milder Climates

a heat pump

Have you ever heard of a heat pump?

Though they used to be rare, they’re becoming more and more readily available. They operate by the principle of heat exchange. It is designed to absorb heat from one location and move it somewhere else.

Now, heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and use very little power. Plus, they can be used to heat or cool a home – they can cool the air by transferring the heat from the inside to the outside.

Heat pumps are a perfect option for people living in milder climates. Unfortunately, they aren’t great for extreme weather, heat or cold. But if your weather is relatively well-behaved, a heat pump can reap cost savings year-round.

Try an Electric Fireplace for a Small Space

electric fireplace parts

If you’re not looking to heat an entire house, and only one or two spaces need the heat, an electric fireplace is a relatively cheap and easy-to-install option for your home.

An electric fireplace plugs right into a standard 110-volt outlet and is ready to go right away. They use heating coils and forced air to warm the room and can get quite sophisticated with their fire illusions. The flames are usually created by LEDs, and sometimes there’s even false smoke created by water vapor.

If you only need to heat a living room, a bedroom, or a dining room, an electric fireplace is a great option.


You want to pick the right heater for your needs. No heater is right for every climate, every budget, and every preference.

If you’re out in the middle of nowhere and love chopping wood, a wood-burning heating system is perfect. If you love clean air and even heating, consider a boiler. Do you want something that always works, won’t devour your budget? And easy to repair, a furnace air heater is right in your wheelhouse.

If you live where it doesn’t get hot or cold, a heat pump is right up your alley.

Consider all of your options and choose the heater that’s best for you.

Do Space Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity?

A space heater is perhaps one of the most brilliant, enjoyable, and convenient home appliance inventions of all times. Do space heaters use a lot of electricity? Made obvious by the name, space heaters are responsible for heating a certain space, such as one room. This makes the room warmer and cozy. While allowing the rest of the house to remain cool. Many argue that the use of a space heater is much cheaper than using your installed central heater because it only heats one area.

However, space heaters are usually electric. Therefore, do space heaters use a lot of electricity? And if so, how does it affect your monthly electric bills?

How does a Space Heater Work? Do Space Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity?

Do space heaters use a lot of electricity when used too long?

There are two main types of space heaters that can be installed in your house. An electric space heater and gas space heater.

Gas space heaters use gas to heat a room. They pass cool air a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is warmed by a process called gas combustion. So, gas space heaters work by gas combustion. After the combustion process, warm air produced is pushed through vents and enters the room causing heat.

Hot or Cold Sensations

Do space heaters use a lot of electricity when used especially if too cold?

The way gas space heaters turn on and off as well as know how hot to get through a thermostat that is installed in the heater. The thermostat is responsible for receiving hot or cold sensations. Sent off by the space and therefore reacting by either turning on or turning off.

An electric space heater, on the other hand, is powered by electricity. Furthermore, these heaters are not installed thermostats but rather individual units that can be plugged into a power source in any room.

Electric space heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But there are four main types: the ceramic space heater, the oil filled radiator heater, the micathermic space heater, and finally, the radiant space heater.

Here's A Relevant Video From YouTube:

4 Types of Electric Space Heaters

These are the 4 types of electric space heaters:

Ceramic Heaters

Do ceramic space heaters use a lot of electricity?

Ceramic heaters are the most commonly bought electric space heaters. They are powered on when electricity flows through their plates. From the plates, the electricity is then passed into aluminum, where the heat then enters the room through a fan. However, ceramic heaters aren’t meant for every space. They work best in small spaces up to about 150 square feet, such as offices or bedrooms. They are also the fastest ones to start up.

Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Do Oil Filled Radiator space heaters use a lot of electricity?

The second kind of heater is the oil filled radiator heater. The great thing about these heaters is that they operate off oil that is filled inside of them, and the great news is that they never have to be refilled. The downside is that these heaters take longer to heat up compared to the ceramic heater, but something they have that the others don’t is the fact that they are quiet while they run and are the most efficient with the energy they produce.  They also stay warm for the longest time and use the least amount of electricity.

Micatheric Space Heaters

Do space heaters use a lot of electricity in micatheric space heaters?

Third, we have micatheric space heaters. Like the oil filled radiator heater, something that makes them great is the fact that they produce heat fast. They are also very functional, as they do well in pretty much every type of area. It also handles moisture the most effectively, leading to reduced dry skin that can be caused by some electric space heaters. And that’s not the only health-related benefit of micathermic heaters. These heaters are also perfect for people with allergies and asthma.

Radiant Space Heater

Do Radiant space heaters use a lot of electricity?

Finally, we have the radiant space heater, also called the quartz space heater. These heaters are unlike any of the above three. Instead of heating up an entire room, they directly heat specific objects. This feature comes in handy when you need instant or focused heat. Because the radiant heaters use less power and heat direct objects, they use much less energy than other space heaters.

What is the Cost of Using an Electric Fireplace?

Do electric fireplaces as space heaters use a lot of electricity?

Fireplaces are also considered space heaters. Because they provide warmth for specific rooms in which they are burning.

Electric fireplaces are becoming an increasing trend in today’s culture. As they don’t require the labor-intensive act of chopping wood, don’t bring outside things inside of your home, and can be used in any kind of location because they don’t need firewood.

But, while they are more efficient than the traditional wood burning fireplace, are they less costly?

The installation of an electric fireplace is said to be less expensive than installing a gas or wood heating fireplace.

Generally, however, the total cost of using your electric fireplace is dependent on three main factors.

The 3 Factors are:

  1. The type of electric fireplace you get
  2. How often you use it
  3. Local utility rates

But overall, Electric Fireplaces estimates that it costs roughly 8 to 23 cents per hour of usage, depending on your specific and personal situation in the 3 factors listed above.

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